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Excellent research underpins your research impact. You can use research metrics to help you describe your contribution and value to the university, the economy and society. The following pages provide an introduction on finding your research metrics and promoting yourself and your research.

What are research metrics?

Research metrics are used as one measure of a research output's importance. There are a range of metrics available, often based on the number of citations a published research output, such as a journal article, conference paper, or book chapter has been able to attract.

There are metrics for individual research outputs, such as a journal article or conference paper; metrics at the journal level (which measure a journal's standing based on citation counts); and metrics about an author. These metrics all have different uses so it is important to think critically about what each one actually measures.

Individual metrics should not be used as a measure of quality or achievement. The Leiden Manifesto for Research Metrics outlines ten principles to guide research evaluation and the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment similarly outlines a range of issues to keep in mind when using research metrics.

Metrics can help researchers develop their publishing strategy, understand who is reading their work, and how to promote their research more effectively.

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How do I find my Research metrics?

How are metrics used, and what information do different metrics provide? The following pages explain the different kinds of research metrics.

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How do I promote my research?

Making your research easy to find, and creating conversations and connections around your work are two important ways you can promote your research. Find out more about making your research visible, creating connections and using your research metrics in promotion or grant applications.

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Support and advice

If you wish to access individual metrics for promotion or grant applications, or you would like to benchmark your outputs against others in your field, we have a range of tools that can assist you. We are happy to show you how to use these in a consultation.

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To demonstrate productivity and impact, schools and centres may wish to benchmark their collective outputs against national or international counterparts. Such reports provide useful evidence to support funding applications. If you would like to request a report for your school or centre please complete the form outlining your requirements. Please note these reports are labour-intensive so our ability to accommodate your needs may be limited at times of peak demand for our services.

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