Determine your audience and purpose

Consider your target audience and your purpose to help identify where to publish your research.

Identify your audience

  • What databases or discovery tools do they use to access information?
  • What resource types (for example, books or journals) do they prefer?
  • How quickly do they require information?
  • Why are they seeking information (for example, policy development or future research)?

Define your purpose

  • Communicating and disseminating research.
  • Advancing your discipline.
  • Creating public or social impact.
  • Building your career.
  • Planning for impact.

Your responsibilities

Ownership and rights

Check permission for content sourced elsewhere.

Contact the Information Policy Officer if required.

Get advice

Know your confidentiality obligations if your research is funded from an external grant.

Get advice and support for commercialisation arrangements.

Contact Griffith Enterprise

Research integrity and ethics

Be familiar with your obligations when undertaking research at Griffith:

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Discuss matters of authorship with collaborators, and understand publication ethics.

Get advice on authorship:

Regulatory requirements

If your research is funded by key bodies— ARC or NHMRC —you must:

  • deposit research outputs in an open access institutional repository, within a year of publication
  • openly share research data, where possible.

Understand the guidelines for funded research:


Consistently use the same version of your name when publishing to make it easier to track publications and metrics associated with your research.

Register for an ORCiD ID to:

  • identify yourself as the author of your publications
  • distinguish yourself from others
  • ensure you get recognition for your research.

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How to get published

Learn about the publishing journey including journal selection, article preparation and submission.

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