Griffith is one of Australia's leading sports universities

With a focus on health, wellbeing and athletic excellence, we offer a range of sporting opportunities for all. Whether you're looking to play sport or study it, keep fit or compete professionally, our teams, programs, facilities and findings can help you achieve your goals.


Celebrating great sporting moments, world class sports research, unique partnerships and our elite athletes' achievements

Study Sport

Our teaching and research expertise spans various aspects of sports. We offer study options and specialisations in areas such as sports management and development, exercise science, physiotherapy and sport technology.

Study interest areas

Most elite sporting bodies and institutes now employ a vast array of high-technology training and monitoring techniques.
Through our study options in this field, students gain the advanced knowledge and skills needed to take advantage of new and emerging opportunities in sport and electronics.
Bachelor of Engineering with Honours/Bachelor of ScienceGC
Bachelor of Engineering with Honours/Bachelor of Science NA
Master of PhilosophyGC
Master of Electronic and Sport EngineeringNA
Master of Electronic and Computer Engineering/Master of Electronic and Sport EngineeringNA
Doctor of PhilosophyGC/LG/MG/NA/SB


Dentistry, Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Psychology clinics available

Sport scholarships

We offer an array of sports related scholarships to recognise academic and sporting achievements and support athletes financially through university.


We work closely with leading sport institutions, academies and professional sporting teams to develop pathways for students and elite athletes. These partnerships open the door for internships, research and professional opportunities, and new avenues of learning.