Promoting safe, respectful campus communities at Griffith University

All members of our University community have a right to feel welcome and safe. If you have experienced harassment, assault or other disrespectful behaviours, you are not alone and we are here to support you. Find out more about about reporting and support here.

Sexual assault and sexual harassment are not tolerated at Griffith University. We are committed to providing safe and inclusive communities, on-campus and online, which are free from harassment, bullying, discrimination and assault.  We encourage all members of the Griffith community to call out, report and seek support if disrespectful behaviours occur.


Join Griffith for It's On All Of Us 2021 events and activities

At Griffith University, we all share a responsibility to create respectful and safe campus communities, where assault, harassment and disrespectful behaviours are not tolerated. As part of a range of awareness and education activities, the University hosts an annual sexual violence awareness and prevention campaign, It's On All Of Us.

  1. It’s on all of us to  recognise when something's not right;
  2. It's on all of us to  be effective bystanders;
  3. It's on all of us to  know how to support our friends and colleagues;
  4. It's on all of us to  call out and report disrespectful behaviour;
  5. It's on all of us to  create safe campus communities.

So, what can you do?

It's On All Of Us awareness events and activities will be held from 3-7 May 2021.

Click here for details and to register

SASH Responder Network

Trained staff to let you know your options

Recognise. Respond. Refer

The Recognise. Respond. Refer. module aims to help the Griffith community to understand the basics of how to:

  • recognise the signs of personal violence and disrespectful behaviour
  • respond with empathy to a disclosure
  • refer to support and reporting services at, or external to, the University

Complete Recognise. Respond. Refer. online via Learning@Griffith for:

Cycling through consent

Everyone should understand consent.

If you're struggling though, this short animated video takes a fun and simple approach to thinking about:

  • what consent is
  • what it does and does not look like.

If consent is not given, or if it is revoked, it's not okay to continue.

Griffith thanks Western University for the use of this resource.

Sex and Respect: It's On All Of Us

Whatever your gender, sexuality or relationship status, this free module from the MATE Bystander team aims to help you:

  • understand respect as a foundation to healthy relationships;
  • identify consent and non-consent in relationships and sexual interactions;
  • understand attitudes and assumptions in society which effect your own beliefs and boundaries; and
  • learn ways to look out for friends and others through positive leadership as an active bystander.

Staff and students should complete Sex and Respect: It's On All Of Us on Learning@Griffith.


MATE is a primary prevention education program that focises on the role of bystanders in our community.  Students and staff can complete the MATE Program online through Learning@Griffith.

MATE online modules

Campus Support Team

Security escort services, safety and security resources

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