Providing easy to access support and information for survivors of personal violence

Personal and sexual violence occurs within all cultures, demographic and socio economic groups, and at all ages. It can occur within a range of relationships including intimate and personal relationships (including same-sex relationships) and between family members, colleagues and care givers.

Griffith understands the importance of supporting students and staff who have experienced violence to chose their own path for healing and resolution, and provides a range of services and options for students and staff.  SASH Responders are trained to receive disclosures with empathy and compassion and provide information about the options available.

How can a SASH Responder help?


Recognising the roots of gender inequality and gendered violence is an important first step to understanding how violence is perpetuated within our global community.

So, what can sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic and family violence look like?  SASH Responders are familiar with the many different types of violence, together with concepts such as coersion, power and control, and power imbalance as it might appear in relationships both at and external to the University. 

SASH responders are also familiar with the signs of trauma, and how trauma might present in students and colleagues at the University.


Responding with compassion and empathy is key to enabling a survivor to seek the support and other services they require.

SASH Responders are familiar with the myths and attitudes that might otherwise hinder an effective response, and have explored methods and phrases to ensure a disclosure is met with compassion, empathy and respect.

Staff who are not confident to respond to disclosures of personal violence can refer students and staff to a local SASH responder.


Referral options are many and varied and extend to services, supports and reporting processes within and external to the University.

SASH Responders are familiar with the wide range of options available to Griffith students and staff, including the option to do nothing.

SASH Responders can provide information about the options, but will not make an identified referral to any service without the individuals consent.

Contact us

Find a local SASH Responder on the Griffith phonebook


If you need support due to experiencing other types of disrespectful behaviour, there are options available.

Harassment and Discrimination Contact Officers can provide information to people who have, or feel they may have been, subject to harassment, bullying or discrimination at the University.

Griffith’s four Student Associations (Griffith University Gold Coast Student GuildGriffith Student Representative Council (SRC), Griffith University Postgraduate Student Association (GUPSA), and the Gold Coast Association of Postgraduate Students (GCAP) also provide advocacy and support services.

Priority Counselling

The Counsellor, Violence Response and Prevention provides access to priority counselling appointments for students who have or are experiencing personal violence.

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