Emergency contact details

Call Fire, Ambulance, and Police on 000 or 112 from a mobile. Call 1800 800 707 (free call) for all emergencies and incidents on all Griffith University campuses.

Report emergencies to Security at any time

For urgent facilities and maintenance issues requiring immediate attention, call (07) 3735 8888 (Ext: 8888) between 8.30 am to 4.30 pm. Outside of these hours, please contact Security.

Security office locations and contact details

CampusLocation Internal phone External phone
Gold Coast Level 3, Business 1 building near Student Guild office 7777 (07) 5552 7777
Logan Entrance to L03 Wayne Goss Building 7777 (07) 3382 1717
Mt Gravatt Entrance to Information Services building M23 7777 (07) 3735 6866
Nathan The Circuit 7777 (07) 3735 7777
Queensland College of Art Courtyard 7777 (07) 3735 6226
Queensland Conservatorium Foyer 7777 (07) 3735 6363


When reporting an incident, provide the following information where possible:

  • location of the incident
  • caller name and contact details
  • nature of the incident (eg. burst water main, fire, injury)
  • brief description of what has happened
  • description of what you are doing now
  • time the incident occurred.

A list of emergency contacts can be found in the Griffith App.


Emergency evacuation procedure

If the evacuation alarm sounds, or you are advised to evacuate the building:

  • do not panic – remain calm
  • leave the building immediately
  • do not delay when gathering personal belongings or bags, this may delay your exit from the building
  • do not use building lifts
  • do not run, push or overtake
  • go to the building's emergency assembly area and remain there (see evacuation plans)
  • listen and follow instructions from building wardens, security officers, campus chief warden or emergency services personnel
  • Fire alarm – close but do not lock doors
  • Chemical/Biological threat – close but do not lock doors
  • Bomb threat – leave doors open
  • Do not re-enter the building, or leave the assembly area until given the all clear by building wardens, security officers, campus chief warden or the emergency services personnel.

Warden Information

Warden Identification

Campus chief warden

The campus chief warden manages the initial University response to emergencies on campus. Griffith has two campus chief wardens.

Gold Coast

Simon Somogyi (07) 5552 8959 (Ext. 28959)

Nathan, Logan, Mt Gravatt and South Bank

John Knight (07) 3735 3520 (Ext. 53520)

Campus chief wardens are identified by a white helmet

White chief warden hat

Building warden

Building Wardens take charge of fire alarms and incidents within a building.

For individual building incidents, such as fire alarms and other incidents contained to the building, attending personnel may be identified as follows. Building wardens are to ensure, as far as practicable, the safety and if required the orderly evacuation of staff, students and visitors. Wardens are not to physically combat emergencies and are not expected to place themselves in danger.

Building wardens are encouraged to speak with staff in their area of responsibility to ensure all are aware of the building exit routes and closest assembly area to use should there be a need for an evacuation.

Note: While every effort is made by all emergency staff to collect and don their identifying apparel in an emergency, there may be occasions when this will not be possible. A lack of visible identification does not imply their roles and responsibilities for your safety is nullified. Please follow the instructions of any staff member who verbally identifies themselves as emergency management staff for a building or campus.

All University Emergency Management Team or Emergency Control Organisation members are protected under the terms of the University's General Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance policies whilst undertaking their duties. These policies apply to all University staff provided they act within the scope of their duties and training.

Building wardens are identified by a red cap and lanyard with ID holder.

Wardens hat and lanyard

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