Media and external communications team

This team plays a vital role conveying Griffith's strengths to a wide audience. As part of the University’s Marketing and Communication team, we source, curate and create remarkable newsworthy content that helps tell the Griffith Story. The Media and External Communications team holds primary responsibility for media relations and also provides risk management and advice on potential and current media issues to various internal stakeholders.


The team deals with media outlets and representatives every day, pitching news stories and distributing media releases, responding to requests for expert comment and academic expertise, and managing relevant breaking news. The team also maintains the Griffith News webpage, which showcases the latest news from the University as a whole. Team members are experienced media professionals and most are former journalists. They can also arrange media training for academics as required and provide resources to assist in preparing for interviews or other media opportunities.

All Griffith media releases and approaches to media outlets must be authorised by the Media and External Communications team.

If you receive a call from a media representative directly, please alert the team. We can offer advice on appropriate parking and security arrangements for media visits to campus. To maintain our brand and reputation it is important that visiting media are not left alone to take footage or interviews for purposes other than that approved.

For enquiries from journalists and media outlets

Please call (07) 3735 1008

Staff media opportunities

For suggested media stories

Submit media request

Staff member Phone Location Position
Mr Ben Dobson (07) 373 54288 Ext. 54288 Sewell (N12) 0.05E Head of Media & Communications
Ms Deborah Marshall (07) 373 55245 Ext. 55245 Sewell (N12) 0.05E Communications Mgr (Research)
Ms Paige Carfrae (07) 373 55210 Ext. 55210 Sewell (N12) 0.05 Communications Officer
Ms Louise Crossen (Mon-Thu) (07) 373 56201 Ext. 56201 Queensland Conservatorium (S01) 2.34 Communications Officer (Corporate)
Ms Christen Hill (07) 373 56458 Ext. 56458 Sewell (N12) 0.05 Communications Mgr (Corporate)
Dr Colin Hutchins (07) 555 80214 Ext. 80214 Leneen Forde Chancellery (G34) 2.09 Communications Officer (Research)
Mr Eddie Ngaluafe (07) 373 54790 Ext. 54790 Sewell (N12) 0.05 Communications Officer (Research)
Ms Carley Rosengreen (07) 567 80214 Ext. 80214 Leneen Forde Chancellery (G34) 2.09 Communications Officer (Research)