Photo shoots

We organise photo shoots each year to capture new images of our students on campus to use in marketing material. We also take photos of students and graduates in environments that relate to their work, such as interesting job sites and exciting overseas locations.


Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a comprehensive content management solution that will integrate with our website and make it easier to manage our marketing content and assets.

To access the image library to download assets, you should log in to the Brand Portal. Staff should log in via ‘sign in’ (company or school account), while external clients and suppliers can use the ‘guest access’ function (i.e. not all folders will be visible to external clients).

If you are a staff member that doesn’t currently have access to the Brand Portal, please head to the link below and follow the prompts. Please allow 2–3 business days to be granted access.

Log in to the Brand Portal

Email if you have any difficulties or would like a run through of the Brand Portal.

If you are a content author who is responsible for managing the assets including uploading, reviewing, or approving, you should log in to AEM Author.

Log in to AEM Author

For access to AEM Author, complete the following form by selecting the “Permissions and Authentication” request type and include the team you are in, your responsibilities within the system and whether you require author or approver access within the additional details section.

Access Request Form for AEM Author

Stock photography

If you can't find what you're looking for in our image library, we can help. Search our Getty account's photo and video library and email links to the assets you'd like downloaded to

Organise your own photoshoot

Marketing and Communications has produced a photography guide to help understand our photography style and guidelines for photo shoots.

Download the Photography Guide

How to book a photographer

  • Griffith staff are to choose a photographer from the preferred supplier list
  • Complete the photography brief and send to the photographer. The best brief will provide the best possible shots.
  • Best practice is to supply a PO number.

During the shoot

To ensure Griffith owns the copyright for our photography, all talent must fill in a talent release form.

Multimedia talent release form

Talent under 18 need to use the PDF form and have it signed by a parent or gaurdian.

Download talent release form (PDF 60k)

After the shoot

Share the drive location with  to be uploaded to the AEM.

Professional standards

  • Suppliers must maintain professional standards of presentation and communication with staff, talent and other people associated with Griffith University photography jobs.
  • Suppliers must have relevant professional insurance.

Photo disclaimer

When taking event photography, we recommend you use a Photo Disclaimer poster for public events. Templates can be found on our Remarkable Hub.

Talent release form

To ensure Griffith owns the copyright for our own photography, all talent must fill in a talent release form.

Multimedia talent release form

Talent under 18 need to use the PDF form and have it signed by a parent or guardian.


  • Griffith University owns the copyright of all images taken on behalf of the University. Suppliers retain an irrevocable, royalty-free licence to material produced for the University for their own self promotion, 
    advertising and industry activities.
  • The suppliers do not indemnify Griffith University from any third party intellectual property claims that might be made as a result of objects or other things that are captured in photography, other than the subjects and participants directly involved in such photography, who are required to sign the relevant Griffith University Talent Release forms.
  • The University contact person should assist in those circumstances where this is difficult to obtain individual Talent Release forms, such as using signage in the venue.
  • Suppliers will retain creative integrity of the images. However, the University has the right to crop or manipulate images for purposes it requires. The University will respect any moral rights attaching to photographs produced for the university. It will not ‘deface’ images to an extent that may harm the reputation of any supplier.