Feedback on University experiences drives Griffith’s success

Surveys collect valuable feedback on the student and staff experiences at Griffith.

Griffith is committed to ensuring continuous improvement in all aspects of University life, from learning and teaching to the non-academic services such as shops, libraries and IT support.

There are internal and nationwide surveys the University takes part in which provide opportunities for you to let us know what we do well, and what needs to change.


Surveys collect valuable information for quality assurance, planning and improvement initiatives. Griffith participates in nation-wide surveys, under the Quality Indicators of Learning and Teaching, which help students compare study experience and employment outcomes across Australian higher education institutions. These surveys cover the student lifecycle from commencement through to employment and are administered by the Social Research Centre on behalf of the Federal Government.

The QILT surveys include the Student Experience Survey, the Graduate Outcomes Survey, and the Employer Satisfaction Survey.

We also run a number of surveys that measure the student experience of courses, teaching, programs, and non-academic service areas of the University in partnership with Learning Futures, Office of Marketing and Communications, Griffith International and i-Graduate. Our team also oversees the administration of other staff and student surveys under the guidance of the University’s Surveying of Griffith Students and Staff Policy.

Information from our surveys provides valuable evidence to support the Plan-Implement-Review-Improve model, which underpins the University’s Framework for Quality Assurance.

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Student surveys

Griffith conducts a number of surveys throughout the student lifecycle (from application through to post-graduation) to gather valuable feedback and facilitate continuous improvement at Griffith.

Staff surveys

Griffith staff members regularly participate in surveys that affect the operations and key activities of the University, in areas such as research, facilities, human resources, and funding.

Send your survey

If you want to ask Griffith staff, students or alumni to give feedback or take part in your study, you need approval to conduct a survey through our application process. You can also request your survey be included in the 'Volunteer for important research projects' broadcast email.

Volunteer for important research projects

Griffith is one of Australia's leading research universities.

Each month, we publish a list of research projects or surveys and ask the staff and student community to participate.


University data is a strategic asset used in key decision-making activities. Our purpose is to improve awareness across the University about the value of this information, while collaborating with and empowering the Griffith community. We do this by creating innovative resources, publications and internal events, as well as driving initiatives focused on information sharing.

Media and publications

Access a range of digital content and publications available for internal and external stakeholders, including current and past survey reports, infographics, the Analytics, Planning and Data newsletter, and more.

Survey results

Want to know the results from student surveys? How Griffith is doing compared to national results? What groups/schools are performing the best? We have designed an array of 'easy to understand and compare data' infographics where you can find this valuable information.

Surveys and Insights hub

This sharepoint site includes a survey schedule detailing who is being surveyed at what time, so you can plan your approved surveys around key dates such as the National surveys and the Course and Teaching surveys. You will also find a bank of questions we already ask students in Griffith’s core suite of surveys.


Staff are invited to take part in satisfaction surveys, which enable continuous improvement in key service areas such as Library, IT, and Corporate Services teams.

The Library Client Satisfaction survey evaluates student and staff satisfaction with equipment, facilities, collections, and services. This survey occurs once every two years.

The IT services quality benchmarking survey is conducted at universities throughout Australia and New Zealand. The survey has become the higher education sector’s touchpoint for measuring IT service quality and performance. This survey occurs on opposite years to the Library Client Satisfaction survey.

The annual Corporate Services Satisfaction survey seeks to understand the experience of Griffith staff with Corporate Services teams, to recognise what is working well, and identify areas for improvement.


Most surveys don’t just collect important feedback, they also have great prize draws to reward students who complete them. See some our prize winners below.