Trimester 3 parking permits on sale from 11 October

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Parking at Griffith

Griffith campuses are Regulated Parking Areas (Griffith University Act 1998) and parking must be paid for.

Casual parking is available in daily (light purple) and 2-hour parking zones (green); view the campus parking maps below to find your best parking option. Payment can be made by card at a pay-by-plate machine on campus or via the Paystay app.

Trimester and Annual parking permits can be purchased by students and staff who regularly attend campus and who may find this option more economical. Trimester permits go on sale approximately two weeks prior to each Trimester. Annual permits go on sale prior to Trimester 1, all permits are subject to availability.

Note that there is no parking available at South Bank campus. Public transport or Brisbane City Council street parking should be utilised.

Where to park

Parking maps

Motorcycle parking

Motorcycle parking is free in designated motorcycle areas.

You may park in a Limited Access, General or Multistorey car park if you hold a valid parking permit for the car park. You may also park casually in either all-day metered zones or 2-hour metered zones and make payment at a Pay-by-Plate parking machine or via the PayStay app.

Travelling to Griffith

Bike racks and campus facilities

Griffith provides bike racks and end-of-trip facilities across all campuses. Find your closest bike racks and facilities.

Please note, Griffith Road is not suitable for cyclists or pedestrians, only vehicles. Johnson Path should be used as an alternate route to access the campus.

Intercampus Bus

The Griffith University free intercampus bus travels every 15 minutes between Nathan and Mt Gravatt campuses.

In partnership with the Student Guild, a free shuttle service is being trialed, running between Nathan campus and the local train station. To find out more visit the Student Guild website.

Other parking types

Visitor parking

Official visitor parking bays are available for external visitors on official University business for less than one day.

Visitor parking bays may only be booked by a Griffith staff member. Should visitor bays be unavailable, casual parking should be offered instead. If your reservation is successful, an email will be sent to the staff member to pass on to your visitor.

Visitor bays are monitored and non-compliant bookings will be cancelled.

Please note, this application does not work via internet explorer; use Chrome or Firefox if you are having difficulty accessing.

Disability Parking

Red Disability Permit

A red Australian Disability parking permit can park for free in parking bays displaying the Red international symbol of access (as signed) on Griffith University campuses.

Blue Disability Permit

A blue Australian Disability parking permit can park for free in parking bays displaying the Blue or Red international symbol of access (as signed) on Griffith University campuses.

This is in accordance with the information published by the Queensland Government.

If you park outside of the signed disability parking bays, the zone regulations in which you park in will apply. This includes payment for parking casually or ensuring you hold the relevant parking permit for the zone.

Event Parking

Free parking may be organised for University events on campus.

We’ll always try to facilitate and assist with your event. Please let us know details by filling out an application form.

Short-term permits allow attendees to park in general permit areas and the Multistorey (G55) casual parking area, by registering their vehicles at a Pay-by-Plate parking machine. Event parking is not valid within other Multistorey car parks.

*Note, no parking is available at South Bank campus.

If event attendees do not follow instructions or enter their information incorrectly, they risk receiving an infringement that is unable to be rescinded.

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