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At Griffith, we are committed to helping international students achieve success by providing quality education, guidance and support. With more than 200 degrees and a reputation for research and teaching excellence, Griffith continues to be a leading university of choice. Right now you can start your Griffith University study online and then join us here in Australia when travel restrictions are lifted. It’s a wonderful way to get a head start on your degree and connect with your fellow students before you can all come together here in sunny Queensland.

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With more than 200 degrees, a reputation for research and teaching excellence along with more than 20 years experience of teaching online, Griffith continues to be a leading university of choice.

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Starting your Griffith University study online means you will be enrolled in exactly the same degree as if you were studying here on campus. You will also have access to the same coursework, the same learning materials and the same lecturers. And with full access to Griffith's support services, we'll be with you all the way. We can even help you choose which degree is right for you.


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Start your study online and then join us here in Australia when travel restrictions are lifted.

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Here at Griffith, we care for every single student, particularly in difficult times. We are offering all international students who start their Griffith University degree online the 2020 International Scholarship, which is a 20% tuition fee scholarship.

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Griffith's campuses offer a unique and thriving community, with plenty of student support services available aimed at enriching both your university and off-campus experience.

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Griffith International

About Griffith International

Griffith International comprises a number of units, ranging from the Griffith English Language Institute through to Griffith Global Mobility. As well looking after the recruitment, admission and on-campus experience of international students, our staff coordinate and promote international experiences for Griffith students, facilitate institutional agreements, host delegations and run capacity-building programs for overseas governments and partners.

About Griffith International

Griffith English Language Institute

The Griffith English Language Institute has provided internationally recognised English language programs for 30 years, with a focus on preparing students for admission into Griffith University programs.

Griffith English Language Institute

International Business Development Unit

Our International Business Development Unit provides specialised project management services, engages with academic staff to bid for international projects and develops business opportunities working with international aid organisations, government and education institutions.

International Business Development Unit

Tourism Confucius Institute

The Tourism Confucius Institute offers a range of education and community engagement programs, develops tourism links between China and the Brisbane – Gold Coast region and focuses on developing cultural knowledge and understanding among local tourism providers.

Tourism Confucius Institute

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