All you need to know about assessment, grades, academic performance and academic integrity

Find out about different types of assessment, how to submit an assignment, when and where your exams will take place, how to view your grades and what to do if you can't complete your assessment tasks.

Information about academic performance, academic integrity and the review and appeals process is also available.

Updated assessment practices for Trimester 1 2020

To take some pressure off you during the coronavirus pandemic, Griffith has made some changes to assessment practices for Trimester 1 2020, including:

Please see the individual links above for corresponding updates.

There will also be no reviews of student performance for exclusion on academic grounds until the conclusion of Trimester 2 this year to minimise the impacts of COVID-19 on your academic progress.


Course Profiles are available in myGriffith. These will outline all your assessment tasks (including assignments) that you will be required to complete, along with information such as marking criteria, word lengths and weighting of assignments.


Exams are typically held during the middle and end of trimester but may vary depending on your course.

Learn about exam procedures, when and where they will be held and how to prepare yourself for success.


Your grades can be viewed in myGriffith.

Learn about grade publication dates and grades awarded.

Unable to complete your assessment or sit your exam?

We are here to help you. You can apply for an assignment extension, an alternate exam sitting or a deferred assessment.


You can apply for special consideration if you have been seriously disadvantaged or affected when completing an assessment item or all assessment items for a course. You may also be awarded supplementary assessment or reassessment where appropriate.


The Academic Standing process is run twice per year (late June–July and late December–January) to review your academic performance and degree progress and to recommend appropriate support for your studies.


Carry out your studies honestly, ethically and in accordance with the standards of academic conduct.


Academic and administration decisions can be reviewed and appealed, including:

  • final grades
  • progression
  • honours classification
  • exclusion
  • termination of candidature
  • eligibility to graduate
  • special consideration
  • deferred exams
  • fees
  • admission
  • enrolment
  • termination of scholarship.


No matter what the reason, reach out and get the help you need

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