Sometimes you will be required to work on an assignment, project or class presentation with a group of fellow students. Group work can enhance your social skills, build self-esteem and confidence, and promote tolerance through the sharing of alternative ideas and points of view. Working in a group helps prepare you for team environments in the workplace and teaches you a range of values and competencies that employers look for in graduates.

Manage the process

It takes time for a group of individuals to become a team. Set some ground rules:

  • Meet team members as soon as possible to get to know each other.
  • Decide how to communicate—face-to-face meetings, online through email or group discussion forums.
  • Create a schedule of meetings with agendas.
  • Decide on team roles to keep everyone on track.
  • Be inclusive and treat everyone with respect and courtesy.

Understand the assignment

  • Take time to analyse your assignment topic.
  • What is the assignment asking you to do?
  • Identify specific tasks and estimate the time required to complete them.
  • Prioritise tasks, set deadlines, and allocate tasks to team members. This ensures the work is divided fairly and effectively.
  • Use meetings to regularly review progress and revise deadlines.

Collaborate using technology

    Technologies that help you collaborate with teammates include:

    • discussion boards
    • wikis
    • instant messaging
    • email
    • social media
    • Microsoft O365.

    Be an active online participant. Read, respond and contribute to the group’s postings.

Overcome problems

Problems may arise for a variety of reasons, including:

  • unequal efforts from team members
  • disagreements about group objectives
  • clash of personalities
  • simple misunderstandings
  • differences of opinion.

Deal with issues promptly and decisively. Learn to effectively manage conflict to facilitate a discussion and find a resolution.

Contact the lecturer or tutor if a problem can’t be resolved.

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