What is PASS?

PASS is a free program that offers structured and fun group learning sessions for some of the courses that students find to be more challenging. The weekly one hour study sessions begin in Week 2 and run all trimester. The sessions are facilitated by students who have previously achieved excellent results in the course and who have completed a nationally accredited training program.

Our groups

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How can PASS help me?

Participating in PASS helps you:

  • improve your marks and grades especially when you attend 10 or more sessions
  • understand course content more deeply
  • break down complex ideas
  • develop closer relationships with other students
  • learn what, and how, to learn
  • work better as a team
  • save hours with smarter study methods

Contact us

Arts, Education and Law

Coordinator | Juanita Shaw

Griffith Business School

Coordinator | David Schmidtke



Griffith University GBS PASS


Coordinator | Heba Allouche


Griffith Sciences

Coordinator | Jackie Wilkinson


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