Making connections through PASS

PASS is a free program that offers structured and fun group learning sessions for some of the courses that students find to be more challenging. The weekly one hour study sessions begin in Week 2 and run all trimester with an Exam Buster in study week for those attending 5 or more sessions. The sessions are facilitated by students who have previously achieved excellent results in the course and who have completed a nationally accredited training program.

Study sessions

Trimester 3 2020 and Study Period 3 ( OUA ) 2020

Course code Course name Gold CoastNathanOnline
1003MKT Introduction to Marketing   
1101IBA Management Concepts   
1102AFE Accounting for Decision Making  
1203AFE Money, Banking and Finance   
1305AFE Business Data Analysis  
2004GIR Government-Business Relations   
2105AFE Introduction to Business Law   
2201AFECorporate Finance  
AFE135 (via OUA) Business Data Analysis   
EHR101(via OUA) Work and Employability   
IBA111 (via OUA) Management Concepts   
MKT103 (via OUA) Introduction to Marketing 


View session times by going to your Learning@Griffith site, selecting the course, then selecting PASS from the course menu on the left.

You may attend as many sessions as you like each week.

No need to sign up in advance, so just come along and enjoy the benefits of PASS.

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Coordinator: David Schmidtke