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Pushing the boundaries matters

Dinesh Palipana

Doctor of Medicine

Make it matter

Making a difference in a young person’s life matters

Yasmin Atwani

Bachelor of Education

Make it matter

Protecting our environment matters

Jasmine Rasmussen

Griffith science graduate

Make it matter

Giving people a voice matters

Dean Clifford-Jones

Bachelor of Laws

Make it matter

Doing something that I love matters

Thomas Ireland

Bachelor of Engineering

Make it matter

Understanding our origins matters

Maxime Aubert

Professor of Archaeological Science

Make it matter

Healthy kids matter

Olan Hartley

Master of Dentistry Student

Make it matter

How we shape the future matters

Jessica Kahl


Make it matter

Why choose Griffith?

Top rankings

We consistently rank in the top 2 per cent of universities worldwide


Career focused

We've achieved 85% employer satisfaction with graduates

Great locations

Our five campuses are a thriving network of learning and innovation

Learn from the best

We're home to Australia's most awarded teachers


At Griffith, it’s about more than making it. It’s about making it matter.

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