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New ways to think about commerce

Commercial activity is in every field and industry, involving the legal, economic, political, social, and technological systems that support the financial side of business. Professionals in this field are increasingly being required to evolve strategies in sustainable fiscal policy and ethical behaviours, as well as apply a thorough 360 degree understanding of a business to data analysis. You’ll need a new degree that ensures you graduate with the new way of thinking for the new economy.

The new Bachelor of Business offers majors across skill sets, as well as applying an innovative new approach to learning so you can graduate as a specialist with skills in collaboration, adaptability and a creative approach to analysis. As an accountant or economist with a broader knowledge of business, you’ll make a more compelling business partner.

Depending on your major, you can also gain practical experience in internships, in our Student Managed Investment Fund, or in the Griffith Tax Clinic.

Explore our commerce majors

The new Bachelor of business offers more majors and more flexibility so you can gain the mix of specialisations that suits you. For example, you can graduate with a Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Economics; or a Bachelor of Business in Economics and Business Analytics; or even a Bachelor of Business in Financial Planning and Management. So whether you want to be an accountant with a wider knowledge of the holistic business, or work in finance with a broad understanding of international business; there’s something for you.

Here is a selection of commerce majors. View all available majors.


If you have a sharp mind, like problem solving and have an eye for detail, accounting is for you. Accountants provide information and analysis critical to ensuring the financial viability of every business. You'll develop your critical thinking, problem solving and analytical skills and obtain a solid awareness of professional accounting standards and regulation.


You'll be equipped for a career in a range of private or public sector organisations and find work in areas such as accounting, administration, auditing, business management, commercial and taxation law, managerial accounting and taxation. Career paths include government and treasury, forensic accounting, corporate in-house and private practice and consulting.

Business Analytics

Digital technologies have led to greater emphasis on data-orientated decision making. There is a growing demand for skills that enable both analysis and presentation of data in business terms, as well as using data to develop strategic insights. This major will help bridge the gap between data specialists and decision makers. You’ll acquire skills in identification of data sources, trend analysis and visualisation as well as forecasting and problem solving.


You’ll be at the forefront of tomorrow’s business decisions by acquiring a ‘common language’ understandable by both data scientists and business management. You can expect to find roles in analytics and strategy across the spectrum of industry; government, private sector and not for profit, as companies look to gain strategic advantage from data-led decision making.


If you enjoy questioning the causes behind trends and watching how the value of everyday items can have widespread impact, then economics is for you. You'll study how to make decisions based on data, strategic behaviour and its influence on trends, and how a society distributes and uses its resources. You'll also gain knowledge about public policy design and implementation and interpreting statistical data.


Your expertise will be valued by leading banks, government agencies and national policy-makers. In the private sector you can enjoy a lucrative career as a financial analyst, investment consultant, banker, stockbroker, merger and acquisition advisor, to name a few. In the public sector your skills can shape taxation, education, social security, health services and market regulation.


If you have an analytical mind and are excited about shaping the future, this could be for you. You'll study finance, banking, financial institution management, financial instruments and markets, risk management, investment management, and sustainable investing. Learn in state-of-the-art trading rooms and have the opportunity to manage real money in our Student Managed Investment Fund.


You'll be prepared for work as a banker, credit analyst, investment banker, investment analyst, research analyst, stockbroker, finance advisor. Opportunities also exist in insurance and superannuation, futures, options, and foreign exchange trading.

Financial Planning

Every Australian can benefit from professional financial advice. Wealth is second only to health when it comes to individual and household well-being. If you're interested in being a trusted professional who works with individuals and families so their money works for them–not the other way around–then this major is for you.


You'll be equipped for a career as a Provisional Financial Advisor*, para-planner and one of the many roles that support the provision of financial advice to consumers. You'll also find opportunities in insurance and superannuation, futures, options and foreign exchange trading. * Additional work and training requirements are required to qualify as a financial adviser.


Tax is central to a modern society affecting individuals and business, as well as providing essential revenue for the government. Tax advisers are critical in assisting individuals and businesses meet their tax obligations, as well as know what tax concessions are available to them. Griffith University is one of a few Australian universities to offer such a structured suite of courses, providing students with more career opportunities, and having a point of distinction when applying for graduate jobs.


The Taxation major complements Griffith’s Accounting and Financial Planning majors, as having greater tax knowledge can be an essential part of being an accountant or financial planner. You’ll be prepared for a role in a range of private or public sector organisations across the spectrum industry.

View all majors

Mature Student Open Evenings

18-20 May from 4-6 pm.

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Study commerce at Griffith

Join the new way of thinking

The world is catching up with a clear shift away from outdated business practices. The new Bachelor of business is a genuine alternative to traditional business degrees. It’s a whole new way of thinking for a whole new generation of future business professionals.

Practical learning

You can earn credit towards your degree and get job-ready through the extra-curricular activities, industry experiences and business professional development we offer.

Study your way

Build your studies around you. Get the flexibility of studying on-campus, online, part-time or full-time, over two or three trimesters per year. No matter where you are, you’ll get the access, support and assistance you need to succeed.

Multiply your options

Double your career opportunities without doubling your study time. A double degree will give you an edge in the getting a job and build a career that is as unique as your interests.

Education excellence

You are getting a high-quality education. Griffith ranks in the top 7 in Australia for overall educational experience for undergraduates in the QILT 2019 Student Experience Survey.

Put theory into practice

When you study commerce at Griffith, you'll learn from lecturers who are members of peak industry bodies with expertise gained through extensive qualifications, industry experience and ongoing research. Through our cutting-edge trading rooms, you will have access to Bloomberg Professional Services, a software platform providing real-time market data, news and analytics, and be able to put theory into practice from the start of your degree. You’ll also have the opportunity to build your own network and skills through industry internships, visits from professional firms and simulation activities with renowned organisations.

AACSB Accredited

Griffith Business School is an accredited member of AACSB International which means our business degrees are internationally recognised for excellence and outstanding business education. It’s the most prestigious accreditation a business school can earn.

Multiply your career options

Combine your degree with studies from another area and expand your career opportunities without doubling your study time. In as little as four years, you can graduate with a unique skill set that will give you an edge in the employment market. A double degree allows you to make your passion profitable and build a career that is as unique as your interests.

For example, you can combine management and finance if you want a career in a multinational investment firm. Or you can combine accounting with law to gain the skills needed to work in a commercial law firm.

John O'Brien

A Bachelor of Commerce put John O'Brien in the driving seat from the moment his career took off in the finance industry. After focusing on finance and risk management during his studies at Griffith, he felt fully primed in the technical aspects of forecasting, investing and financial markets. 'As students we were exposed to current industry knowledge in the classroom', says John, who is a partner at Visis Private Wealth. 'Some of our lecturers were also practitioners in the field.'

John O

Forge your path with Business at Griffith

BusinessPLUS Scholarships

Rewarding excellence and potential, no matter your background. Valued up to $20,000. ATAR 99.95–66.00

Forge your path

Business at Griffith seeks to prepare you for an ever-changing world

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Career outcomes

Build a career in commerce

Careers in commerce are not just restricted to major banking and financial institutions

Your skills will be in demand because at Griffith we’ll give you the edge you need to be competitive and ready for anything the future world of work throws your way.

Depending on your major, you'll find employment across many industries in areas such as:

  • Accounting: accountancy, administration, auditing, business management, commercial and taxation law, managerial accounting and taxation
  • Economics: finance analyst or advisor, economic policy analyst, market and investment analyst, business management, stockbroker
  • Finance: financial advisor or controller, financial planner, stockbroker, retail and merchant banks, Treasury operations and taxation, international trade
  • Financial Planning: financial planner, financial advisor or controller, stockbroker, superannuation and insurance

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Life at Griffith

You can gain more than just a degree at Griffith. With plenty of opportunities to balance life and study, you can make memories and mates to last a lifetime.

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