Get certainty on your study future

To take some of the stress out of applying to university and give you more certainty about your future study choices, we offer a range of Guaranteed Admission options.

To provide more opportunities for school leavers and mature students from a range of backgrounds, we offer guaranteed admission for ATAR 80+, IB 28+ and for those who have completed a VET qualification.

For these pathways, applicants must still meet any subject prerequisites and any other additional admission requirements.  You do not need to apply separately, as this is applied automatically to your eligible QTAC preferences.

We also have an early offer option for current Year 12 students in Queensland and northern NSW. Under this scheme, offers will be issued to eligible applicants in November—so there’s no anxious waiting to find out what you’re doing or where you’re going next. For this pathway, applicants will be invited to apply based on eligible QTAC preferences.

Guaranteed Admission Scheme categories

Look out for our guaranteed admission badge below on our degree finder to find out if your preferred degree is included in one or more of these schemes, or refer to the eligible degrees table below.

Guaranteed admissions scheme year 12 early offer

Use your internal Senior Schooling results or VET qualification to receive your early offer by applying to one of more than 60 eligible undergraduate degrees.

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Guaranteed admissions scheme ATAR 90+ pathway

Be recognised for your outstanding performance at school and enjoy the freedom to take your place in a range of our most competitive, in-demand undergraduate degrees.

Guaranteed admissions scheme ATAR 80+ pathway

Leverage your high achievement and claim your spot in a variety of undergraduate degrees focused on creative, generalist and professional fields.

Guaranteed admissions scheme VET pathway

Take your vocational education and training qualifications further with our guaranteed entry pathway into a broad set of undergraduate degrees.

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Eligible degrees

Information on guaranteed admission


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