Find out more about assumed knowledge

Griffith operates in an Assumed Knowledge framework. To enable you to successfully complete the first year of some degrees, it is assumed that through your senior secondary school studies, or equivalent, you will have achieved a minimum level of knowledge in certain subjects.

Getting started

Subject prerequisites

Most Griffith degrees require you to meet an English subject prerequisite for admission. This is displayed in terms of the Queensland curriculum which is a minimum grade of C in Units 3&4 in one of English, Literature, English and Literature Extension, or English as an Additional Language.

Some degrees also require a Mathematics and/or Science subject prerequisite.

What is assumed knowledge?

Assumed knowledge is not assessable, however, some degrees recommend you have foundational knowledge in one or more of the following Queensland Year 12 General subjects: General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Psychology.

If you want to know the content of each of these subjects, please visit Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority General subjects.

Recommended studies may also be listed to encourage applicants to consider these foundational content areas, however, they are not as crucial as assumed knowledge.

Find equivalent subjects and bridging courses

Our listing of equivalent subjects includes the equivalencies if you completed your Queensland Year 12 subjects prior to 2020, or if you completed or are completing your Year 12 studies interstate.

You must have completed the subjects at passing grades or higher in order to meet a prerequisite. Contact us if you need to clarify what the passing grades and required number of semesters or units that the university has deemed as equivalent.

Some information included in the site is historical, to assist you if you have already met a prerequisite through your secondary, bridging or tertiary studies. This is not a comprehensive list, so we encourage you to contact us if you have completed a course that is not listed and would like to confirm this.

Which bridging course should I take?

This website also includes current options for you to consider completing to meet a prerequisite. To determine the best bridging or tertiary study for you to undertake, you will need to research the cost, make sure that it is the right level you require (i.e. do not take Specialist Mathematics if you only need a General Mathematics and have no prior maths background) and most importantly when the results will be available for you to be considered for the intake you are applying for.



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