Griffith continues to accept standalone VET qualifications for current Year 12 or mature applicants

At Griffith, we have a long tradition of recognising the skills and knowledge gained through Vocational Education and Training (VET) as a highly effective pathway to university. Over many years, Griffith has seen VET pathway domestic students achieve remarkable results and we will continue to accept stand-alone Vocational Education and Training qualifications completed at high school, private providers and TAFE institutes for admission.

A completed Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) Certificate III, IV, or Diploma provides a selection rank for admission to a range of Griffith University degrees. For some degrees, your qualification may provide you with certainty as to your future study with the VET guarantee.

If you are a mature applicant with a completed diploma at TAFE, the TAFE Admission Pathway provides you with the opportunity to apply for direct admission to a range of Griffith undergraduate degrees for the next available intake. See TAFE Admission Pathway. Applicants who are completing a dual TAFE diploma/Griffith degree can also apply directly.

A Certificate of Adult Tertiary Preparation (CATP) provides an excellent foundation for university study and provides a direct pathway to a range of Griffith degrees.

If you are applying as an international student, visit international applications.


The VET Guarantee gives you certainty that your qualification provides admission to a range of Griffith degrees.

To find out which degree your completed AQF Certificate III, IV or a diploma provides admission to, see guaranteed admission. These degrees are also identifiable on our Griffith Degree Finder by the VET guarantee badge.

Applicants must still meet the English Subject Prerequisite for admission as well as any other admission requirements. If you have completed one of these qualifications, you do not need to apply separately for this. Simply provide details of your qualification in your QTAC or UAC application.


The TAFE Admission Pathway provides the opportunity for domestic graduates of an AQF advanced diploma or diploma completed at an Australian TAFE institute, the ability to apply for direct admission into a range of degrees at Griffith University.

Griffith also offers a range of dual TAFE diploma/Griffith degree qualifications with TAFE Queensland. Applicants must first apply for the dual TAFE diploma/Griffith degree through QTAC, listed under TAFE Queensland.


Ready to apply?

If you have completed an AQF diploma or advanced diploma, apply directly using the TAFE direct admission application below.

Changed your mind?

If you commenced in a dual qualification and have completed your TAFE diploma, but would like to commence in another degree, you are still eligible to apply under the TAFE Admission Pathway.

Simply check the list of eligible degrees below and submit an online application. If your preferred degree is not available for direct admission, you can apply for admission via QTAC or UAC.

TAFE direct admission online application


Ready to apply?

If you have completed a Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation, apply directly using the CATP Direct Admission Application below.

If you have not yet completed your Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation you are not eligible to apply directly, however you may be considered for admission based on your incomplete study via QTAC or UAC.

CATP direct admission online application

For the list of degrees eligible for direct admission, see below. For further information on the degree, visit Griffith Degree Finder. Visit apply to study to check the key dates to apply for your preferred intake.

Eligible CATP and TAFE direct admission programs


Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation is ideal if you're wishing to commence tertiary study, particularly if some time has lapsed since completing your secondary studies.

A completed Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation (CATP) awards a selection rank. See below to find out what selection rank you may receive and the range of Griffith degrees you will be eligible to apply for upon completion of the Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation (CATP). See CATP Direct Admission online application.

Applicants with incomplete CATP should apply directly to QTAC/UAC and will be assessed on a different schedule to the below.

Completed Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation (CATP)


A completed AQF Certificate III, IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma at TAFE or through a private provider award selection ranks that may allow you to study at Griffith. See below to determine the selection rank that will be assigned to your complete or incomplete study.

The Special Tertiary Admissions Test may increase your selection rank if you completed a competency-based or ungraded qualification.

Completed Certificates I and II are not considered for admission to Griffith University.

AQF Certificate III or Certificate IV

AQF Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas

Meeting subject prerequisites

At Griffith, most degrees require applicants to meet an English subject prerequisite for admission.

Some programs have additional prerequisites or requirements for admission. For further details on your preferred program, visit degrees.

The table below provides details of whether your VET qualification meets the English subject prerequisite for admission.

Completed qualification Meets the English subject prerequisite
AQF Certificate III No
AQF Certificate IV No
AQF Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation Yes*
AQF Diploma Yes
AQF Advanced Diploma Yes

[*] Partial completion may also meet the English subject prerequisite, depending on which modules you have successfully completed.

For further details on how to meet prerequisites or assumed knowledge, including which CATP modules may meet the English subject prerequisite, visit the prerequisite and assumed knowledge website.

Prerequisite and assumed knowledge

Credit transfer

When you are admitted into Griffith University, you can apply for credit transfer and if awarded may reduce the time it takes you to complete your degree. Use Griffith’s Credit Precedent Database to find out what credit decisions have been made in the past to give you an idea how your VET qualifications may translate to credit transfer for your Griffith studies.

Credit transfer

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