Depending on your background there are many different ways to get into university

If you completed Year 12, your OP, ATAR or rank does not expire, you may already be able to apply for your chosen degree. The ATAR and rank information on our Degree Finder provides an indication of the achievement that may be required and should be used as a guide only.

Degree Finder

You can also find information here on how to apply for each degree. Our admission pathway options can help you improve your selection rank, upgrade to your preferred Griffith undergraduate degree or satisfy subject prerequisites.

If you didn't complete Year 12 we have access schemes that can help you gain admission to Griffith.

Making the most of your preferences when you apply can also help provide an admission pathway to your preferred degree. Explore the options below.

Minimum age requirements

You can apply for an undergraduate degree at Griffith University if you are 17 years of age (or older). Domestic applicants under the age of 17 seeking admission must have completed their secondary studies to year 12 level or completed an AQF Certificate 3 or higher and all admission requisites.

Domestic applicants who are less than 16 years at the time that they would commence their studies at the University are required to contact 1800 677 728 for further information.

Admission pathway options


At Griffith we have a long tradition of recognising the skills and knowledge gained through Vocational Education and Training (VET) as a highly effective pathway to university. From VET Certificates to Diplomas we offer pathways into a wide range of Griffith Undergraduate degrees.

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Griffith Personal Statement

This experience-based pathway allows you to apply for entry to Griffith based on your skills and knowledge and your personal and professional competencies.

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Single course of study

Successfully completing a minimum of two single courses (degree subjects) of study can provide you with a Selection Rank for entry into an undergraduate degree and meets the English subject prerequisite.

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Bridging and enabling programs

Enabling programs can provide pathways to university study if you lack formal qualifications required for entry to an undergraduate degree. Bridging courses can help you meet subject prerequisites.

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Upgrading via university study

You can improve your Selection Rank by undertaking studies in an alternative Griffith degree. This pathway may also provide credit transfer towards your preferred degree, reducing the time needed to complete your studies

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Griffith College

We partner with Griffith College to offer admission pathways into a range of Griffith undergraduate degrees with various amounts of credit.

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Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation

Successful completion of the Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation from TAFE Queensland is an excellent admission pathway to a range of Griffith degrees. You can also undertake specific modules to meet subject prerequisite requirements.

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STAT and employment experience

If you're over 18 and don't have formal qualifications, you may be eligible for entry to Griffith based on completion of the Special Tertiary Admissions Test or your employment experience.

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TAFE direct admission pathways

The TAFE Admission Pathway awards TAFE Diploma and Advanced Diploma graduates a competitive Selection Rank and direct admission into a range of Griffith degrees. With TAFE Queensland, Griffith also offers a range of dual TAFE diploma/Griffith degree qualifications.

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Logan Direct Admission Scheme

This experience-based scheme provides a pathway for mature age applicants to study a range of undergraduate programs at the Logan campus. Applicants write a personal statement to demonstrate skills, motivation and commitment to succeed in university study

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International students

We offer a range of academic and English language pathway options

Credit and recognition of prior learning

Find out how to gain credit transfer for your prior study and experience

Degree and career finder

Start browsing undergraduate degrees and admission criteria.

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Our Academic Calendar site lists key dates for QTAC and UAC applications, as well as other helpful reminders.

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