If you are unsuccessful in gaining a place in your preferred degree due to your Selection Rank, you may be able to improve your rank by studying an alternative degree.

The Selection Rank based on university study depends on the duration and overall GPA achieved. Successful completion of two or more university courses can provide you with a new Selection Rank. For competitive degrees it is recommended that you study for at least one year full-time equivalent (80CP) to maximise your chances of achieving a Selection Rank high enough for entry into your desired program.

  • two courses successfully completed with a GPA of 4 will provide a rank of 75
  • eight courses successfully completed with a GPA of 4 will provide a rank of 93

Consider degrees that have a similar first year to your desired degree. This will maximise the amount of Credit Transfer that can be awarded towards your desired degree, potentially saving you time and money.

You should also check the current lowest Selection Rank for your preferred degree to give you an indicator of how well you will need to perform to upgrade, and contact Admissions if you require further advice.

Check the Degree and Career Finder for programs with a similar structure to your intended degree.

When applying to QTAC or UAC make sure that you include alternate or pathway degrees in your preferences. If you do not receive an offer into your preferred degree, then you may be considered for an alternate degree that allows you to achieve a new Selection Rank based on successful completion of university study.

Once you have completed sufficient study in order to improve your Selection Rank, you can apply for an Internal Transfer into your preferred Griffith University degree for the next intake. If your preferred degree is excluded from Internal Transfer, we would welcome a new application through QTAC or UAC. For further information, visit internal transfer.


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