A single course of study is one subject of a Griffith degree

Completing a single course of study is an excellent admission pathway option that allows you to:

  • pursue a range of professional or personal interests
  • develop your skills and knowledge in a specialist area
  • meet accreditation requirements for registration with a professional body
  • contribute to your vocational and personal development
  • take the first step to applying for an undergraduate or postgraduate program.

Pathways to undergraduate study

Successfully completing a minimum of two single courses (subjects) of study can provide you with a Selection Rank for admission into an undergraduate program, as well as meet Griffith's English subject prerequisites. You may also be eligible to apply for credit transfer for the courses you successfully complete.

In some cases, a single course of study can be undertaken to fulfil subject prerequisites for admission into Griffith undergraduate degrees.

Professional accreditation requirements and overseas trained professionals

Griffith does not assess qualifications for accreditation or registration purposes. Assessment of your current qualifications and eligibility must be undertaken by the related Australian accreditation or professional body.

Following assessment of overseas qualifications, you can submit an application if you are required to undertake additional single units of tertiary study. A certified copy of the formal assessment is required to be attached to your application. It is your responsibility to obtain confirmation from the relevant professional body that the nominated single units of study comply with relevant accreditation or registration requirements.

Find a course to study

Note: not all courses are available for single course of study. Exclusions include Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Nursing courses.

You can use the Griffith Degree Finder to find courses of interest to you.

Degree Finder


Please refer to Key Dates for application closing dates. For other key dates, including open enrolment for your trimester, please refer to the Academic Calendar.

Apply now

Check the Griffith Degree Finder to find your preferred course of study. If you are a student enrolled in a program at another university and you wish to complete a course at Griffith University, you can apply to study as a cross-institutional student (incoming).


As a student who is studying a single course, you are required to pay tuition fees.

The tuition fees for postgraduate courses are charged per credit point according to a student's enrolment in the teaching period at the census date. You will be charged the tuition fee, applicable to the academic program that the course belongs to, for the year in which you are studying.

Bridging study for overseas trained professionals

You may be eligible to defer your tuition fees to FEE-HELP if you are undertaking bridging study.

You will be able to access FEE-HELP if:

  • you trained in a profession overseas; and
  • your profession is included in the Skilled Occupation List; and
  • your study is listed on your assessment statement; and
  • you are an Australian citizen or Permanent resident; and
  • you will be resident in Australia for the duration of the unit (course); and
  • the bridging study is being done on a non-award basis; and
  • the bridging study does not constitute more than one EFTSL (generally one year of full-time study); and
  • the bridging study is not a general English language course; and
  • will not provide a qualification beyond basic entry-level to your profession.

Further information can be found in Section 7 of the Fees and Charges Policy.


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