A pathway to Griffith University

Griffith College provide excellent pathways - whether you simply wish to gain a prerequisite or transition to a Griffith University degree with credit transfer.

This information aims to assist both prospective and current Griffith College students on how your qualification is assessed, the application process, and key information you need to transition to your Griffith degree.

Prospective students

Griffith College offers a range of programs that provide access to Griffith University degrees.

The Foundation Program prepares applicants for university study. Specific modules can be taken to meet subject prerequisites, or complete the program to improve your admission rank.

Diplomas and Associate Degrees in a range of subject areas, delivered over two - four trimesters, allow students to transition into the related degree with credit transfer of up to one year for Diplomas, and two years for Associate Degrees.

Griffith College Graduates

Congratulations on completing your Griffith College program.

The information below can help you ensure a smooth transition to Griffith University.

Transitioning to your degree

Covers all you need to know about how your qualification is assessed for admission, how to apply, and your offer.

Getting started with your studies

Provides key information about credit transfer and enrolment.

Applying for a competitive or quota program?

If you receive credit transfer for prior bachelor level studies towards your Griffith College diploma, this study will not be included in the calculation of your selection rank based on your Griffith College Diploma. In order to achieve a competitive rank, you will need to complete all study under the Griffith College Diploma and achieve a high GPA.

Check out the How your qualification is assessed section below for further information about how your completed Diploma selection rank is calculated.

Not sure if your degree is a quota program? Check the Pathways information on the relevant Griffith College Diploma webpage.

Contact Admissions if you require further advice on how credit may impact the assessment of your application or to discuss the best pathway for you.

Transitioning to your degree at Griffith University

The following information outlines how your Griffith College qualification is assessed for admission to Griffith University, as well as the application process.


Selection rank

Your selection rank is calculated based on your Griffith College program GPA. If you have completed your Griffith College program, see the below schedules to calculate your rank. If you’re not on track to receive a GPA of 4.00 or above, contact your Griffith College Student Learning Advisor for advice. If you have received credit transfer towards your completed Griffith College diploma, then this will affect the calculation of your rank if you are applying for competitive or quota programs.

Completed Foundation Program

Completed Diploma / Associate Degree

Meeting subject prerequisites and assumed knowledge

For most Griffith degrees, an English subject is the only subject prerequisite. A completed diploma meets the English prerequisite. If you have a packaged offer, completion of your diploma will meet all subject prerequisites for your intended degree.

If you want to change your degree, or are completing the foundation program, check out prerequisites and assumed knowledge to see what study meets these requirements.

Some degrees also assume you have studied certain subjects be able to build on this knowledge at university. While you are not precluded to receive an offer, if you have completed the assumed knowledge subjects this will prepare you for success in your intended degree.

Additional entry requirements

Some degrees also have additional entry requirements, such as the English Language Declaration for the Bachelor of Nursing, or the NARTE statement for the Bachelor of Education. Information about these requirements are provided to Griffith College students transitioning to these degrees.

How to apply

Upon completion of your Griffith College program, your academic transcript will be forwarded directly to the University by Griffith College. How you apply depends on your original Griffith College offer.

I have a packaged offer

If you already have a conditional offer for your Griffith University degree you do not need to do anything. Your details are automatically transferred into the Griffith University application system by Griffith College.

If you wish to change your degree you can submit a Direct admission online application.

Quotas apply for the below high-demand programs. If you have applied for one of these degrees and are unsuccessful in receiving an offer, please contact us to discuss your options.

Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science


Bachelor of Nursing


Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics


Bachelor of Occupational Therapy


Bachelor of Paramedicine


Bachelor of Pharmacy


Bachelor of Physiotherapy


My offer was for Griffith College only

If your original offer was for your Griffith College program only, or you wish to apply for a different degree, you can apply directly to Griffith University using the Direct admission online application below.

Griffith College graduate direct admission online application

The below programs are excluded from direct admission. You will need to apply for these programs via the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) . Please note early application closing dates may apply.

Bachelor of Acting


Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology


Bachelor of Dental Health Science


Bachelor of Dental Hygiene


Bachelor of Dental Technology


Bachelor of Dental Technology/Bachelor of Dental Prosthetics


Bachelor of Education*


Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science*


Bachelor of Midwifery


Bachelor of Music


Bachelor of Musical Theatre


Bachelor of Nursing*


Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics*


Bachelor of Occupational Therapy*


Bachelor of Paramedicine*


Bachelor of Pharmacy*


Bachelor of Physiotherapy*


*Direct admission available for graduates with packaged offers only.

Single course of study

If you have one or two courses left to complete in your diploma or associate degree that are not offered at Griffith College in the next trimester, you may be eligible to study at Griffith University via single course of study.

Single course of study applications must be submitted by the application close date, and approved by a Griffith College Student Learning Advisor. Please book an appointment with a Student Learning Advisor to discuss your options.


Please refer to key dates for application closing dates. For other key dates, including open enrolment for your trimester, please refer to the Academic Calendar.


If you meet the admission requirements for your chosen degree, you will receive your Starting at Griffith email to your personal email address provided with your application. This email includes important information about your offer and links you to all you need to know about starting your studies at Griffith University.

Please note: If you receive an offer to one of the highly-competitive programs, you will be advised that you must respond and enrol within a short timeframe as specified in your Starting at Griffith email in order to secure your place. Lapsed offers will not automatically be reinstated.


If you don’t want to start your degree straight away, you may be eligible to defer for up to 12 months.

Deferral is available for most programs, check the How to Apply section on the Degree finder to see if your program is eligible.

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Internal Transfer

If you want to change your degree, you may be able to apply for an Internal Transfer.

Internal Transfer is not available for all programs, check internal transfer to see if your program is eligible.

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Getting started with your studies at Griffith University

Once you’ve received your offer, you can check out your myGriffith portal, myOrientation and start planning your enrolment.


myGriffith is your gateway to find services and resources at Griffith University. You will see information specific for your home campus, program of study, and the stage in your study. You will also use myGriffith to access enrolment, student email, Learning@Griffith, and more.


It's important to get the right start at Griffith. Once you've received your offer of admission, you'll be able to access myOrientation and be taken on a personalised journey through all you need to know through your first weeks of university.


You can check the credit arrangements for your diploma or associate degree towards Griffith University programs via the Credit Precedent Database.

If you are graduating from a Griffith College diploma or associate degree, you will have your credit transferred when you are activated in your Griffith degree. You are not required to submit a credit application or supply your Griffith College academic record. You should ensure that you have a current offer to study at Griffith University. You will be notified once your credit has been finalised by an email to your Griffith student email address. If you have not heard about your award of credit by the commencement of Week 1, email credit@griffith.edu.au

It is your responsibility to understand your degree requirements and plan your enrolment accordingly.

Step 1: Check your award of credit via your unofficial transcript. If your credit has not been finalised yet, refer to the Credit Precedent Database.

Step 2: Look at your degree requirements and structure. You must complete any Year 1 courses in your structure that have not been awarded as credit. Do not enrol in any courses that you receive credit for. If you repeat a course awarded as credit, this may impact on your study duration and delay your graduation.

Contact your Program Support Team if you require any assistance with planning your enrolment.

Enrolment, timetables and fees

Find out everything you need to know about choosing your courses, planning your classes, when you can enrol and options available to finance your studies.

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