Enrol in classes, manage your timetable and view your fees via myGriffith

Find out everything you need to know about choosing your courses, planning your classes, when you can enrol and options available to finance your studies.

There are also options if you wish to take a break from your studies and return at a later date.

Preparing to enrol

Whether you're enrolling for the first time or are in your final trimester of study, planning ahead is the key to success.

You can do many things to prepare for each trimester before enrolment opens. From key dates, you can view next trimester's timetable, plan your preferred class times and arrange your study finance options.

You can also learn the Griffith lingo. For example, we call degrees programs and subjects courses.

Managing your enrolment

Enrolling is as easy as one, two, three!

  1. Plan your courses.
  2. Select your classes.
  3. Submit your enrolment.

You can enrol for the first time and continue to manage your enrolment throughout the academic year via myGriffith.

Look for the red 'Manage enrolment' button on the 'My program' page to get started.


See important enrolment and timetable related dates throughout your academic year

Paying your fees

There are many options available to finance your studies at Griffith.

Familiarise yourself with the fees and charges associated with your program, the types of loans available and how you can pay your fees and charges when they are due.

It's also important that you notify us of changes to your personal circumstances that may impact your finance options, such as a change of your residency status.

Taking a break from your studies

If you'd like a gap year or you've had a change in personal circumstances and require a break from study, there are options available to you.

New students who have been made an offer to study at Griffith can elect to defer their start date.

Current students can apply for a leave of absence and take one or more trimesters off.

Griffith is here to support you so you get back on course and continue with your studies now or in the future.

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