Working together to support your university experience

Your university experience is about more than textbooks, assignments and exams. Your student representative groups, in partnership with the University, work together to provide a range of wellbeing services, delivered both in and out of the classroom, that are accessible to all students. While at university, you can access a range of services to support your wellbeing - all delivered using Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) funds.

Services supported by SSAF

Physical health

Your health is the foundation of your success at university. SSAF funds support a range of services to assist you to maintain your physical health and wellbeing including subsidised food, health and medical services, food bursaries, welfare services, sporting facilities, recreational activities, and club administration.

Mental health

You can access a range of services that support your mental health and wellbeing that are delivered using SSAF funds. These services include online counselling and mental health services.

Social wellbeing

Griffith’s social wellbeing services funded by the SSAF include support for artistic activities, assistance with club administration, assistance with securing accommodation, legal advice and support for the production and dissemination of student media to students.

Educational wellbeing

SSAF supports a range of services to assist you to maintain your educational wellbeing including assisting with the transition to university, providing orientation information, assisting with the development of study skills, advocating student’s interests and providing advice to students in relation to the University’s rules.

Financial wellbeing

Several financial wellbeing services are supported by SSAF funding. If you are in need, you can gain assistance with your financial affairs, budgeting and scholarship applications.

Employment wellbeing

You can access career advice and resources to help secure work both during and after your studies. These services are supported by SSAF funding and can make a meaningful difference to your employability.

Student organisation

Student representative groups provide a range of services and run a variety of events using SSAF funds. Visit their websites to find out more.


At the Griffith University Postgraduate Students Association (GUPSA), we use SSAF funding to provide Griffith postgraduates with advocacy and representation within the university, as well as services that are relevant to them. Some of the services we provide include social and wellbeing activities, funding for student-initiated events, academic and professional development workshops, and the new grocery voucher bursary—in response to COVID-19, we processed 118 in less than a week—and ongoing free editing services. These services make a real difference to Griffith students.

Jasmin Gross, GUSPA Research Officer

Saira Khan, GUPSA Coursework Officer

The money that the Student Representative Council receives from the SSAF is so important for helping provide different opportunities for our students. We have been especially busy due to COVID-19. In the past week alone, the collective SRC has processed and approved 215 grocery bursaries, including 43 for South Bank. Just prior to the South Bank closure, we set up a free food bank for struggling students and we aim to help with art supplies as prizes to online competitions and digital social events for our students. Hopefully we can continue on this path and keep supporting our campus in whatever way we can, because I know we really do make a difference to students’ lives.

Abbey Willis, SRC President, QCA campus


Who has to pay the SSAF?

Are some students exempt from paying the SSAF?

How do I pay the SSAF?

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Who receives the funding from SSAF?

Why do I have to pay the SSAF?

Have your say in how the SSAF funds are used

SSAF is delivered with input from you, our students. Have your say by emailing us directly at or by getting involved with the organisations that receive funding, such as the Gold Coast Student Guild, the Student Representative Council, the Gold Coast Association of Postgraduates and the Griffith University Postgraduate Students Association.

SSAF Annual Reports

Reports summarising how revenue from the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) was used in previous years in delivery of services to students, amenities and other projects.

Contact details

CampusEmailPhoneBuilding Room Number

Gold Coast Student Guild

Gold Coast (07) 555 28724 The Link G07_1.61

Brisbane Student Representative Council (SRC)

Logan (07) 338 21603 Community Place L04_1.04
Mt Gravatt (07) 373 51103 Community M09_1.106
Nathan (07) 373 54006 Student Association and Clubs N28_0.09 (07) 373 56336 Webb Centre S02_2.11 (07) 373 51103 Queensland Conservatorium S01_1.14

Griffith University Postgraduate Student Association (GUPSA)

Logan and Brisbane (07) 373 54822 Student Association and Clubs N28_0.07

Campus Life

Accommodation (07) 373 57575 The Hub N11_1.08E
Childcare (07) 373 57666 Tallowwood Child Care Centre
Baronia Child Care Centre
Clubs and Societies (07) 373 53931 Student Association and Clubs N28_0.04
Griffith Food (07) 373 57795 The Hub N11_1.07C
Academic Dress (07) 373 55644 Community M08_2.207
Sport and Activities (07) 373 53628 The Hub N11_1.05

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