Improving your student experience

This fee has provided the University with the opportunity to work in partnership with student associations and other campus providers to increase the quality and quantity of the services available to students.

COVID-19 update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the University-wide transition to remote learning, Student Services Amenities Fee expenditure for on-campus services has been reduced and redirected to provide additional online services for students of a non-academic nature.

These services include:


Students eligible for SA-HELP can defer their SSAF payment to this loan.

If you are not eligible for SA-HELP or do not wish to apply for SA-HELP, you will need to make payment of the SSAF by your course census date.

Pay now


How the fee is calculated

The charge will be $3.85 per enrolled credit point for courses with an on-campus location for  2020. The maximum charge for 2020 is $308. The fee can be viewed via your Academic Charges Account in myGriffith. For example:

Credit point valueCharge
10 credit points $38.50
20 credit points $77.00
30 credit points $115.50
40 credit points $154.00

Students liable to pay the fee

  • Domestic undergraduate students
  • Domestic postgraduate students
  • Domestic and international non award students
  • International undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students

The student services and amenities fee will be embedded in the undergraduate, postgraduate and non award international tuition fee, and in the full fee paying undergraduate and postgraduate domestic tuition fee.

Students exempt from paying the fee

  • Domestic and International Higher Degree Research students
  • The Griffith University Early Start to Tertiary Study (GUESTS) students
  • 1354 Bachelor of Midwifery students
  • 9351 Griffith Health Studies Certificate Program
  • 9359 Griffith Tertiary Preparation
  • 9930 Exchange program
  • 9933 Griffith courses

What the money will be spent on

The University estimates it will receive approximately $8M in SSAF revenue for 2020 which is expected to be allocated as follows: $3M to the Gold Coast Student Guild; $1.2M to the Student Representative Council (SRC); $530k to GUPSA; $2.6M to Campus Life and $300k to Student Life for orientation and engagement activities.

Student consultation

The University will continue to genuinely consult with students and their representatives about what you see as the priorities for student services and amenities, to ensure that these funds are used for initiatives that give students the most benefit. A portion of the fee income will continue to be dedicated to student orientation and engagement activities and student sponsorships/scholarships.

It’s important that we continue to receive your feedback on services and amenities that you want at Griffith and the SSAF expenditure already identified. You can provide feedback via email to or alternatively you can contact those campus providers to discuss the funding priorities or to suggest a service or amenity that you think Griffith needs or needs to improve.

The University will continue to seek ongoing student feedback on the impact and effectiveness of the range of SSAF funded projects and/or activities across its campuses. In doing so, it may gather a wider range of input about the effectiveness of programs funded by the SSAF which may be published on the University’s website and used to inform future funding decisions.

SSAF Annual Reports

Reports summarising how revenue from the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) was used in previous years in delivery of services to students, amenities and other projects.

Contact details

CampusEmailPhoneBuilding Room Number

Gold Coast Student Guild

Gold Coast (07) 555 28724 The Link G07_1.61

Brisbane Student Representative Council (SRC)

Logan (07) 338 21603 Community Place L04_1.04
Mt Gravatt (07) 373 51103 Community M09_1.106
Nathan (07) 373 54006 Student Association and Clubs N28_0.09 (07) 373 56336 Webb Centre S02_2.11 (07) 373 51103 Queensland Conservatorium S01_1.14

Griffith University Postgraduate Student Association (GUPSA)

Logan and Brisbane (07) 373 54822 Student Association and Clubs N28_0.07

Campus Life

Accommodation (07) 373 57575 The Hub N11_1.08E
Childcare (07) 373 57666 Tallowwood Child Care Centre
Baronia Child Care Centre
Clubs and Societies (07) 373 53931 Student Association and Clubs N28_0.04
Griffith Food (07) 373 57795 The Hub N11_1.07C
Academic Dress (07) 373 55644 Community M08_2.207
Sport and Activities (07) 373 53628 The Hub N11_1.05

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