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There are many different factors that contribute to your wellbeing, such as living a healthy lifestyle, engaging in meaningful social activity, and looking after your mental health. Griffith's Online Health and Wellness Centre can help you find support for your individual needs using the menu below, or you can scroll down to browse aspects of wellness to learn more about each one.

What kind of support do you need?

Healthy University

Griffith aims to create a thriving University community by supporting staff and students to achieve their health and wellbeing goals.

Access exclusive promotions, events and other wellness information to assist you in living a healthy life.

Coronavirus and self-care

Griffith Counselling and Wellbeing together with Health and Medical Services have compiled this online resource to provide students with tools and strategies to assist them with looking after their wellness while studying online.

Mental Wellness

Find resources to help you manage your emotional and psychological wellbeing, understand specific mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, or access counselling services available at Griffith. You can also browse Self Assessment Tools to learn more about your mood and behaviour.

Mental wellness

Healthy Living

Your wellbeing is affected by more than just your mental state. Sleep habits, diet, and exercise all have an impact on your overall wellness and can make a significant difference to how you feel. Discover how you can improve your wellness, access support for medical issues, kick unhealthy habits, and more.

Healthy living

Social activity

Being socially active and getting involved in the community can help you feel at home and flourish mentally. Griffith University offers a wide range of clubs, societies and more where students can meet friends, play sport, and engage in other recreational activities.

Social activity

Feeling safe, stable and secure

All students and staff have the right to feel safe while studying at Griffith University. Find information about the Safe Campuses program, learn more about what to do if you are a bystander to harassment or assault, and how to report an incident. You can also access financial assistance and other services to help you feel stable while you are studying.

Feeling safe, stable and secure

Self assessment tools

Feeling distressed or otherwise unsure about your mental health? These online tools can give you an indication of conditions your mood and behaviour may be consistent with, and how best to deal with them. You can also find resources and recommendations for treatment available at Griffith.

Self assessment tools

Educational wellbeing

Taking charge of your academic wellbeing and development can also help keep your stress levels down while making space for other aspects of your life that are just as important, such as family and friends.

Educational wellbeing

Explore the Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy

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