Supporting students with mental health concerns

A Mental Health Nurse is a Registered Nurse that specialises in mental health concerns. The role of the Mental Health Nurse at Griffith University is to work with students on identifying what their mental health concerns are and how it may be impacting their ability to study to their full potential. They will give advice and refer students to resources and services within the university that can support them, including counsellors, GPs, psychologists, self-help apps and websites.

The Mental Health Nurse is also responsible for managing any crisis situations on campus, and triaging to internal and external health services (eg. local hospital Emergency Departments), along with providing regular reviews until appropriate supports have been put in place.

Meet our Mental Health Nurses

Sally Kuhle

Why did you become a Mental Health Nurse?

I have a passion for working with people suffering from a mental illness & empowering them to live full and meaningful lives. I am also motivated to help lift the stigma that exists around mental illness.

Why Griffith University?

Having spent the majority of the last decade as a university student, I know first hand how challenging being a student can be. I was so excited to discover that a role like this existed within a university health service, as it is about time that mental illness is recognised to the same degree and with the same access to services as physical illness. I also love working with young people, having spent time working on both an adolescent and child inpatient unit.

What skill would you like to master?

Head and elbow stands.

What's your passion in life?

Finding an equal amount of love, light and laughter in my work and personal life.

Want to chat with the Mental Health Nurse?

Gold Coast: (07) 5552 8734

Nathan: (07) 3735 7299

Additional support

Online Health and Wellness Centre

Griffith's new Online Health and Wellness Centre is a portal designed to increase student awareness and understanding of mental health concerns, and learn tips for promoting better health and wellbeing such as living a healthy lifestyle, engaging in meaningful social activity, feeling safe, stable and secure, and looking after your mental wellness.

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