Explore the health benefits of quitting smoking

Curious how long nicotine stays in your body? What types of nicotine withdrawal symptoms you'll have? Want to find out how many tobacco-free days it will take for your body to recuperate and no longer be at risk of the dangers of smoking? Check out the health-improvement timeline.

Time since stopping smoking

Health benefits

Within a day

Almost all nicotine will be out of the bloodstream. Levels of carbon monoxide in the blood will drop and more oxygen will reach the heart and muscles.

Within a week

The lung’s natural cleaning system will start to recover and become better at removing mucus, tar and dust from the lungs. There will be higher blood levels of protective antioxidants (such as vitamin C).

Within two months

There will be less coughing and wheezing. The immune system will have started to recover. Blood will be less thick and sticky and blood flow to the hands and feet will improve. The body will be better at healing cuts and wounds.

Within six months

Lungs will no longer produce the extra phlegm smoking causes.

After a year

Lungs will be healthier and breathing will be easier, making it easier to exercise.

Within two to five years

There will be a large drop in risk of heart attack and stroke; this risk will continue to gradually decrease.

Within five years

Risk of cervical cancer will return to the same as for a woman who has never smoked.

After 10 years

Risk of lung cancer will be markedly lower than that of a continuing smoker; this risk will continue to decline (provided the disease is not already present).

After 15 years

Risk of heart attack and stroke will be close to that of a person who has never smoked.

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