Support to help cover study costs

If you're experiencing extreme financial difficulty, you may be eligible for a financial assistance to help with living expenses and the costs of studying at university.

We also have practical information on budgeting and finding work to help reduce financial stress.

Requesting student financial support

If extreme financial hardship is adversely impacting your studies, you can lodge a request for one-off financial support to help cover education-related expenses.

When completing the request, you will be asked to provide bank statements that demonstrate your financial position as well other supporting documents. Please provide as much information as you can.

Student Guild financial support

The Gold Coast Student Guild provides financial assistance and emergency support for eligible students.

The Guild also runs finance workshops and offers free online legal consultations.

Emergency advance

If you need a small amount of emergency money on the spot, visit your campus library during service point hours and fill out an Application for an Emergency Advance form to receive a $20 cash card (repayable within two weeks).

Griffith Futures Scholarship

If you are experiencing financial hardship, are at an educational disadvantage due to your life circumstances and have a GPA of 5 or higher, you may be eligible for  a Griffith Futures Scholarship.

Budgeting help

Learn how to save money, be financially stable while studying and master better spending habits with our online workshop, Budgeting 101.

The workshop is offered via Learning@Griffith. To get started, click the Budgeting 101 link below then hit 'Enrol' on the right sidebar.

You can complete this course in one sitting or you can save your progress and log back in as many times as you need.


Having a casual or part-time job can help support you financially while studying. You may also gain relevant experience, contacts and opportunities for graduate employment.

Griffith's Careers and Employment Service has a range of helpful information if you're looking for work.

Find a job


Want to save money by purchasing second-hand textbooks? Have textbooks you want to sell?

You can buy or sell secondhand textbooks via Griffith's Textbook Exchange Service.

Use your Griffith login details to use this service.

Textbook Exchange