Plan ahead so you can breeze through the enrolment process

Before enrolment opens each trimester, there's a planning period when you can view your timetable options and plan your classes ahead of time. Use this period to familiarise yourself with your compulsory courses, elective options, study load requirements and key enrolment dates. This will allow you to quickly and easily secure your preferred timetable when enrolment opens.

Pre-enrolment questionnaire

You'll be asked to complete a pre-enrolment questionnaire if you're enrolling for the first time or changing your program.

The purpose of the questionnaire is to collect your personal details, including your Unique Student Identifier (USI). If you're eligible, you'll have the opportunity to apply for a government loan/s to defer your tuition fees and charges.

Save time when enrolment opens and complete the questionnaire ahead of time.

Learn the lingo

Your degree is called your program.

Your subjects are called your courses.


You'll have the opportunity to view next trimester's timetable well ahead of time via Programs and Courses. Simply search for your program title to view your course list, available majors, minors and electives plus the scheduled class times.

Although the official 'planning' period is still to come, you can use this time to make sure you're aware of your program requirements, decide which courses you will study next trimester and note your preferred class times.

If you are unsure which classes you should enrol in, Student Connect can help you.

View timetable publication dates


The enrolment planning period occurs after the timetable is published and before enrolment opens each trimester. During this period, you can login to the enrolment system and plan your preferred class timetable for next trimester.

This process doesn't confirm your enrolment. However, it will mean that you're ready to go as soon as enrolment opens. This increases your chances of enrolling in your preferred class times. Refer to your myGriffith homepage to find out when enrolment planning opens.

Handy tip: After you've planned your preferred classes, we recommend you make note of alternate class times in case your first preferences are full when enrolment opens.

View planning dates


Some courses have enrolment restrictions, such as a limit to the number of students who can enrol, a minimum GPA requirement or a requirement to demonstrate an acceptable reason for undertaking the course.

To enrol in a restricted course, you must complete an online request to add/change course enrolment form and attach any supporting documentation.

Please note that Honours students are required to attach a letter stating the reason they wish to enrol in the course.

Before applying to enrol in a restricted course, please consider that:

  • it's your responsibility for ensuring the course will count towards your degree requirements
  • restricted courses will usually only count as elective courses. You can't undertake more restricted courses than the total number of electives that are permitted within your program requirements
  • you're only allowed to undertake a restricted course in the program in which you're enrolled. You can't continue to undertake restricted courses in hopes you'll graduate from a different program.

Apply to enrol in a restricted course

Key enrolment and timetabling dates

Find out when the timetable is published, when you can plan your classes and when enrolment opens for each trimester.

View your key dates

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