Depending on your background there are many different ways to get into university

If you are an Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander interested in studying in a Griffith degree, you can either apply for admission via QTAC or UAC.

Mature age applicants can also apply via Direct Admission.

Our admission program is an initiative for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders seeking to study at Griffith. The program enables eligible applicants to be assessed on any formal qualifications, life experiences and other transferable skills that support your Griffith enrolment application.

If you do not meet the standard admission criteria for the program you may be considered for admission based on the First Peoples Selection Survey.

High school students

Direct Entry

If you are a mature Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander interested in enrolling in a Griffith degree, you have the option to apply for Direct Entry.

You are considered a mature age student if you are 18 years or over and not a current School Leaver.

If you're unsuccessful in gaining a place in your preferred degree, you will be considered for pathway programs. Once you have completed a year of study to improve your rank, you may apply for an internal transfer into your preferred Griffith degree and be considered for admission based on your selection rank from this study (exceptions apply).

When you apply you will be asked to list three degrees in order of preference. Some degrees are only available for admission in Trimester 1, so please consider this if you plan to study in Trimester 2.  If you are eligible for admission to your first preference and there is only a Trimester 1 intake, you will not be offered your second preference.  You can research your preferred degree in the degree and career finder.

Degree and Career Finder


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