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If you lack the formal qualifications, entry rank or subject prerequisites for your preferred degree, completing a bridging course or enabling program first could be the answer.

Enabling programs can provide an admission pathway if you lack the qualifications required for admission to undergraduate study. Bridging courses can bridge the gaps in your knowledge and help you meet subject prerequisites. Explore the options below.

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Enabling programs

Enabling programs help you transition into university life, provide you with the foundational knowledge necessary for success at tertiary study or assist you with gaining admission into your preferred degree. Selecting an enabling program can depend on your level of prior knowledge, your confidence and your comfort at the study level.

EmpowerED University Preparation Program

A free, comprehensive preparatory program, EmpowerED provides a pathway for applicants who don’t meet the formal admission requirements to enter an undergraduate degree at Griffith.

In EmpowerED, you’ll gain fundamental knowledge and skills—including the essentials of critical reading, writing and referencing—in a supportive learning environment.

Once you've successfully completed the program, you'll be offered direct entry into a wide range of undergraduate degrees at Griffith.

EmpowerED University Preparation Program

Griffith College Foundation Program

Griffith College offers a foundation program that prepares students for university study and provides a seamless pathway to Griffith. Students may wish to undertake specific modules to improve their area of study, or to meet subject prerequisites.

Griffith College Foundation Program

Bridging courses

We offer a number of bridging courses to prospective and commencing students. These courses are particularly useful for students who have no or limited prior studies in a particular study area, have had a significant break from prior studies or who simply wish to complete a refresher course in a particular field.

These courses can provide you with the necessary study to:

  • meet prerequisite requirements for admission into your degree
  • brush up on your knowledge or skills in a specific study area
  • provide a foundation for your university study.

Griffith Bridging English

If you're ready for university but don't have the senior English (or equivalent) studies, Griffith's seven-week Bridging English course can help you meet degree prerequisites or assumed knowledge expectations. This blended-learning course comprises online study at your own pace, as well as an on-campus tutorial. You could also start your studies in the next available trimester*.

Griffith Bridging English caters to domestic mature students who need to meet the English subject prerequisites for Griffith programs, or would like to brush up on their English studies to meet assumed knowledge expectations.

This course is not available to international students, or applicants who have not completed their studies with English as the language of instruction or worked intensively in an English-speaking environment. Completing this course will not satisfy English language proficiency requirements.

*Subject to meeting the other admission criteria and selection rank. Completing this course meets English prerequisites and assumed knowledge expectations only. It does not satisfy English language proficiency, provide a rank, or meet any other requirements for admission.

Griffith Bridging English

Griffith Bridging Maths

If you’re ready to study a teaching degree at university but don’t have the maths prerequisite, successful completion of Griffith’s Bridging maths for aspiring educators meets subject prerequisite requirements for the entry into Griffith education degrees - and you could commence your studies in the next available trimester.*

*Subject to meeting other admissions criteria and selection rank.

Griffith Bridging Maths

Griffith Sciences short courses

Griffith Sciences offer short courses in Mathematics and Chemistry designed to prepare students for university-level study. These short courses are recommended for strengthening assumed knowledge, or as a refresher for previously completed studies in the relevant fields, but they will not meet prerequisite requirements.

Griffith Sciences short courses

Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

If you're unsure if your prior studies meet subject prerequisites or assumed knowledge for your preferred degree, explore our Prerequisites and Assumed Knowledge website.

Here you can find information on subject equivalents and alternative options for meeting these requirements.

Prerequisites and Assumed knowledge

Other Providers

Australian universities and private institutions offer a range of bridging courses and enabling programs, which Griffith University recognises for admission and prerequisite purposes. For more information, please contact us.

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