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Griffith University offers a number of short courses to commencing students. Short courses assist commencing students come ‘up to speed’ before starting university study and are particularly useful for students who have had a significant break from prior studies or who simply wish to have a refresher course in a particular field.  These short courses are not designed to replace assumed knowledge or pre-requisite knowledge.

Short courses

Looking to update your skills? Take a Short course (non-prerequisite) - short courses assist commencing students to come 'up to speed' before starting university study.

Mathematics Short Course (Gold Coast)

Dates: 13-17 February 2023

The Mathematics Short Course is a five-day intensive training course designed to help students prepare for their university studies that require mathematical knowledge and skills. For those with limited mathematical knowledge, this short course is particularly helpful for their study of:

- Foundation health course, especially 1001MSC Chemistry of Biological systems 1 and 1002MSC Introduction to Biomedical Data Analysis.- Science courses eg 1015SCG Quantitative Reasoning, 1201SCG Linear Algebra and 1023SCG Chemistry 1.

Chemistry Short Course (Gold Coast)

Dates: 20-24 February 2023

The Chemistry Short Course is designed to help students prepare for further studies which involve chemistry. It is particularly helpful for those who have a weak or non-existent background in chemistry, and for those who have not studied chemistry for a long time. The five-day intensive course (from 9 am to 5 pm) will involve approximately 35 contact hours spread over both large group lectures and small group (25 students maximum/tutor) laboratory-tutorial sessions.

Mathematics Short Course (Nathan)

Dates: 20-23 February 2023

This intensive four-day revision course will assist students to (re)gain skills and confidence in the basic techniques underlying a typical university Mathematics course. The course is primarily aimed at students who would like to improve their confidence in basic algebra, particularly working with variables, re-arranging and solving equations, and using exponentials, logarithms and trig functions like sin and cos. These skills play a key role in a number of first-year courses, such as 1st year chemistry (1021SCG and 1022SCG), 1st year physics (1031SCG and 1032SCG), Quantitative Reasoning (1015SCG), Linear Algebra (1201SCG) and Calculus I (1202SCG).

Chemistry Short Course (Nathan)

Dates: 13-16 February 2023

If you have a limited background in chemistry or you lack confidence in your abilities to ‘handle’ some of the basic principles of chemistry, we have prepared this four-day course to help you develop self-confidence in some of the more fundamental concepts of the chemical sciences. This course is designed to introduce students to the language and elementary concepts used in first-year, first-semester chemistry. Also included will be instruction on the use of basic mathematics in chemistry.

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