Griffith Sciences offer access to talented students in Aviation, Engineering, Environment, Science and Technology.

With over 20 years of successful placements, the Griffith Sciences Partnerships Office connects you with students through a variety of placement opportunities, from full time internships to work experience and industry group projects.

Our undergraduate, postgraduate and higher degree research students are eager to bring fresh and innovative solutions to your organisation. From work experience to research and development initiatives, we have students ready to take up the challenge.

Our programs philosophy is one of 'give' and 'receive'.

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Work Experience and Internships

Work experience can be one or two days per week and allows students to gain hands-on industry experience and develop professional skills. It can be paid or unpaid and should be at graduate level and relevant to the student’s area of study.

An internship is a trimester long placement from two to five days per week (dependent on discipline) that is project or research based.

Team Projects

Team projects are IT project based engagement with industry. Projects are addressed by a number of students working in a group.

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