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Griffith Sciences is an innovator within the higher education sector, having developed Australia’s first School of Environmental Studies and more recently instigated course work, which is now mandatory for all scientific officers of the Queensland Police Service.

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After spending much of her time in nature during a gap year, Victoria decided she wanted to learn more about the natural environment and pursue her interest in science. She chose to study ecology and conservation biology and hasn’t looked back. ‘I went to amazing locations including Stradbroke Island, Bowra Wildlife Sanctuary and Maliau Basin. It has given me invaluable work experience.’

Victoria has enjoyed her environmental studies so much that she is now continuing onto an honours degree to research fire ecology with controlled burning by First Peoples on North Stradbroke Island.

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Cailen Robertson, Computer Science

Bachelor of Intelligent Digital Technologies

This new degree brings together technical and practical skills in the fields of intelligent digital technologies.

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