Gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to enter an undergraduate degree

The EmpowerED University Preparation Program provides a pathway for applicants who don't meet the admission requirements for an undergraduate degree at Griffith.

In this free pathway program, you’ll have the opportunity to experience university life while building your confidence and academic study skills.

In EmpowerED, you'll gain fundamental knowledge and skills - including the essentials of critical reading, writing and referencing - in a supportive learning environment.

You'll be set up for success through four compulsory courses on university preparation, academic study skills, communication and academic research, and mathematics essentials. You can also tailor your study by choosing two elective courses in key subject areas such as science or leadership and innovation. You can even opt for a course dedicated to preparing you for career success, including the opportunity to craft a personalised employability plan.

If you're ready to start your journey to uni, EmpowerED is your bridge to success.

Apply now and be empowered to achieve your academic and personal goals and create your own brighter future.

EmpowerED University Preparation Program


The program consists of the following four compulsory courses:

  • University Preparation
  • Learning Strategies for University Success
  • Academic Communication
  • Maths Essentials

You must also complete two elective courses from the following:

  • Science Fundamentals
  • Innovation, Creativity and Leadership
  • Career Pathways

Attendance information

This program is offered full-time and part-time at Gold Coast, Logan and online.

Each course is delivered in a 6-week block model with two, three-hour workshops per week.


There are two intakes per year for the program commencing in January and July. It will take six months to complete this program on a full-time basis:

  • January to June or
  • July to December

On completion of the program, you will be able to easily transition to your preferred Griffith degree (subject to entry requirements) in the following trimester – please refer to Griffith’s Degree Finder for trimester intakes for each degree.


This is a free program.

How to apply

To be eligible for admission to this program you must:

  • Be at least 17 (at commencement of intake) or have completed Year 12 in an Australian high school
  • Be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, a Pacific Engagement visa holder or the holder of a permanent resident/humanitarian visa
  • Meet the University's English Language Proficiency requirements.

English Language Proficiency requirements (for admission)

English Language Proficiency (ELP) can be met in a variety of ways. Most applicants will meet ELP requirements via the completion of secondary studies (Year 10 or higher) in Australia or another country that has been defined as having English as their first language according to Griffith’s Admission Schedule: English Language Proficiency.

If English is not your first language, and you have not met ELP via another means, you will need to have sufficient English skills to achieve an overall score of 6.0 and a minimum of 5.5 in all subtests of an IELTS test.

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Pathways to further study

Once you've successfully completed the EmpowerED University Preparation Program, you may be offered direct admission into a wide range of undergraduate degrees at Griffith University.

Guaranteed admission

If you successfully complete EmpowerED with a GPA of 4 or above, you will be eligible for guaranteed admission* into a range of degrees.

*Guaranteed admission applies to rank only. You must still meet all other requirements for admission such as additional prerequisites. For eligible degrees, refer to the list below.

Note: The Diploma of Education requires applicants to also meet the Maths Subject Prerequisite and the Non-Academic Requirements for Teacher Education ( NARTE ). The Maths Essentials course undertaken as part of the EmpowerED program meets the maths prerequisite for admission to Education programs.

Applying for other programs upon completion

If you wish to apply for other Griffith programs not included in the guaranteed admission list, you will be assessed on the completion of the EmpowerED program and awarded a rank based on the volume of study and the overall GPA achieved. You must still meet any other admission criteria. You will be able to apply via direct admission for most degrees upon completion of the EmpowerED program.

Please note that some exemptions will apply for programs with additional entry criteria and/or quota managed programs where admission is via QTAC only.

Below shows examples of the selection ranks you can achieve from successfully completing the full EmpowerED University Preparation Program.

Grade Point Average

(on a 7 point scale)

Selection rank

(1.5 trimesters full time)

6.5+ 86
6.25 - 6.49 85
6.00 - 6.24 84
5.50 - 5.74 82
5.00 - 5.24 80
4.50 - 4.74 78
4.25 - 4.49 77
4.00 - 4.24 75

Education and Nursing, post completion of EmpowerED

If you are interested in applying for the Diploma of Education, Bachelor of Education or the Bachelor of Nursing, and you didn’t complete all your schooling in Australia, you should refer to the English language requirements for the degree and contact Griffith’s Domestic Admissions team should you require any clarification.

Eligible degrees for guaranteed admission in 2025:

Bachelor of Applied Financial Advice - 1612
Bachelor of Architectural Design - 1492
Bachelor of Arts - 1021
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business - 1293
Bachelor of Aviation - 1517
Bachelor of Aviation Management - 1367
Bachelor of Aviation/Bachelor of Information Technology - 1610
Bachelor of Business - 1632
Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Data Science - 1605
Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Political Science and International Relations - 1666
Bachelor of Child, Youth and Family Practice - 1637
Bachelor of Communication and Journalism/Bachelor of Business - 1608
Bachelor of Communication and Journalism/Bachelor of Political Science and International Relations - 1668
Bachelor of Communication and Journalism/Bachelor of Science - 1617
Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours) - 1598
Bachelor of Counselling - 1548
Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice - 1112
Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice/Bachelor of Information Technology - 1566
Bachelor of Cyber Security - 1677
Bachelor of Design - 1189
Bachelor of Design/Bachelor of Business - 1568
Bachelor of Environmental Science - 1547
Bachelor of Environmental Science/Bachelor of Business - 1582
Bachelor of Environmental Science/Bachelor of Data Science - 1600
Bachelor of Exercise Science - 1171
Bachelor of Exercise Science/Bachelor of Business - 1420
Bachelor of Exercise Science/Bachelor of Psychological Science - 1421
Bachelor of Forensic Science - 1264
Bachelor of Forensic Science/Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice - 1433
Bachelor of Games Design - 1338
Bachelor of Health Science - 1093
Bachelor of Human Services - 1394
Bachelor of Human Services/Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice - 1263
Bachelor of Industrial Design - 1407
Bachelor of Information Technology - 1538
Bachelor of Information Technology/Bachelor of Business - 1570
Bachelor of International Tourism and Hotel Management - 1408
Bachelor of International Tourism and Hotel Management/Bachelor of Business - 1482
Bachelor of Languages and Linguistics - 1116
Bachelor of Marine Science - 1328
Bachelor of Pharmacology and Toxicology - 1528
Bachelor of Political Science and International Relations - 1664
Bachelor of Political Science and International Relations/Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice - 1667
Bachelor of Psychological Science - 1012
Bachelor of Psychological Science/Bachelor of Business - 1013
Bachelor of Public Health - 1440
Bachelor of Science - 1634
Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts - 1592
Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Business - 1572
Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Data Science - 1601
Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Information Technology - 1045
Bachelor of Social Work - 1372
Bachelor of Sport Development - 1493
Bachelor of Sport Development/Bachelor of Business - 1615
Bachelor of Urban Planning (Honours) - 1658
Bachelor of Urban Planning (Honours)/Bachelor of Science - 1660
Diploma of Applied Financial Advice - 8050
Diploma of Applied Science - 8035
Diploma of Arts - 8040
Diploma of Business - 8036
Diploma of Criminology and Criminal Justice - 8042
Diploma of Education - 8044
Diploma of Engineering - 8046
Diploma of Information Technology - 8034
Diploma of International Tourism and Hotel Management - 8051
Diploma of Political Science and International Relations - 8052
Diploma of Psychological Science - 8056
Diploma of Communication - 8058

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