Understand your application's evaluation status, as well as processing timelines

As you track your application online, you may see your evaluation status change. Refer below for descriptions of each evaluation status and a guide for processing timelines.

Application closing dates vary between degrees, so make sure you check the details for your chosen degree on the Degree Finder.

If you have any questions relating to your application, please call us on 1800 677 728.

Processing timelines

Trimester 3 2020 intake

Applications closed.

Successful applications will be advised by 30 October (with the exception of students waiting on grades).

Trimester 1 2021 intake

  • 5070 Master of Clinical Psychology: Closed
  • 5567 Master of Speech Pathology: Closed
  • 4168 Graduate Diploma Clinical Physiology: Closed

All other programs close on 31 January 2021 (unless specifically indicated on Degree Finder).

Interview dates

  • 5070 Master of Clinical Psychology: 17–19 November and 23–25 November 2020
  • 5567 Master of Speech Pathology: 2–6 November 2020
  • 5578 Master of Rehabilitation Counselling: As requested by the Program Director
  • 4168 Graduate Diploma Clinical Physiology: 17–20 November 2020

Evaluation status information

Statuses that require your action

Evaluation statusDescription
Outstanding requirements

This status generates automatically based on the information completed in the form and need for the associated supporting documents to commence the assessment process.

Please check your application to see what information is missing. For example, you may have indicated work experience but not attached a CV. Check that any documents you have uploaded are uploaded under the correct document type.

Further information requested

Once the Admissions Team has assessed your application, they may request additional supporting documentation.

You will receive an email requesting you provide the additional supporting documentation to recommence the assessment process.

We are working on your application

Evaluation statusDescription
Ready for initial review

Your application is being checked to ensure it is complete and has all the required information and supporting documents. The time this can take depends on when your application is lodged.

Your application is deemed complete and ready for the Admissions Team to review.

In review

The Admissions Team is currently working on your application and will update the evaluation status when their assessment is completed.

This should be the same day.

Sent for evaluation

Your application requires the Program Directors' assessment or may include the scheduling of an interview or audition.

Evaluation complete

A decision has been made about your application and you will usually be emailed the outcome in two to three days.

However, in some instances, your application may need to be held after the evaluation is complete. If this is the case, you will see the evaluation status updated in two to three days.

Evaluation cancelledIf you withdraw your application or change the order of your preferences, the status of that application or preference will be cancelled.

We are holding your application

Evaluation statusDescription
Held for shortlisting

If you apply for a postgraduate program in a future trimester, we may need to hold your application until we know the number of places available.

Waiting for CSP allocationCommonwealth Supported Places (CSP) in postgraduate programs are restricted by quotas. If your application is being held, we are waiting to establish how many places we have available or you may be on a waitlist for a place. 
Held for interview or auditionYour application contains all of the information we require and we are now awaiting the outcome of your interview or audition.
Awaiting grades

Griffith Students:  Your application we be held until the official publication of Grades/Results.

Another institution: Your application is being held until we can see your most recent exam results and GPA.

This is important if the postgraduate program you are applying for has a minimum GPA requirement.

PendingThis status displays on your application's second and third preference, as we work through your first preference.

Contact us

Call our study advisers on 1800 677 728, for help with your application and clarification of admission requirements.