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Year 12 students apply for Griffith undergraduate degrees online through QTAC or UAC. You can also search for more information on our degree finder.

If you are applying as an international student, visit international applications.

The Queensland ATAR

Students completing Year 12 in Queensland may graduate with an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR). QTAC are responsible for calculating the ATAR on behalf of Queensland universities. Since 2021, the ATAR is now the primary admission pathway for Queensland Year 12 students applying to study a Griffith undergraduate program.

Assessment of interstate ATARs remains unchanged.

For more information on how the ATAR is calculated in Queensland, visit the QTAC website.


2021 NSW and ACT ATAR students update

With the delayed issuing of 2021 NSW HSC and ATAR and the ACT ATAR, Griffith University will still be considering your QTAC application for entry in 2022.

The 28 January 2022 QTAC offer round will be the first round where NSW and ACT Year 12 QTAC applicants can be made an offer to Griffith University on the basis of their ATAR. You need to apply to QTAC by no later than Thursday 20 January 2022 and complete changes of preferences by Monday 24 January 2022 to be considered in this round.

If you have applied to UAC, then the 26 January UAC offer round will be the first offer round where NSW and ACT Year 12 applicants may be considered for an offer based on their ATAR.

For most Griffith University degrees, your application will be assessed against the threshold we used in the QTAC offer round of the 13 January 2022. For a small number of degrees (below), this will not be possible. In these degrees you will be considered within a dedicated, limited pool of places held for 2021 NSW and ACT ATAR students:

# These degrees have an early close date. Refer to the QTAC course entries for details. * Nursing at the Gold Coast campus is the only degree listed above offered through UAC.

If you are considering changing your preferences, find out more at QTAC or UAC.

VET pathways for school leavers

Griffith recognises and values VET qualifications completed at high school.

VET Guarantee

Completing a certificate III, IV or diploma while at school will allow you to apply to study a range of degrees at Griffith University. These degrees are identified in the degree finder. There is also a table on the Guaranteed Admission Scheme page that outlines which degrees the VET Guarantee and qualification applies. To assist you, this is also detailed on the QTAC and UAC entries.

A certificate III or IV does not meet the English Subject Prerequisite. A completed diploma meets the prerequisite for all Griffith degrees that have an English Subject Prerequisite. For further information on meeting the English Subject Prerequisite, see Prerequisites and Assumed Knowledge section below.

Applying for other Griffith degrees?

If you are applying for degrees not included in the VET Guarantee, then refer to the relevant schedule on our VET pathways site to see what rank you may achieve from your completed qualification.

For a comprehensive list of programs offered under the VET Guarantee, visit Guaranteed Admission Scheme.

ATAR Guarantee

Open to school leavers as well as mature students, the ATAR Guarantee takes some of the stress out of applying to university and gives you more certainty about your future study choices.

Be recognised for your outstanding performance at school with the ATAR 90+/IB 33+ Guarantee, and enjoy the freedom to take your place in a range of our most competitive, in-demand undergraduate degrees.

The ATAR 80+/IB28+ Guarantee helps you leverage your high achievement and claim your spot in a variety of undergraduate degrees focused on creative, generalist and professional fields.

For programs included in these schemes visit Guaranteed Admission Schemes.

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Year 12 Early Offer Guarantee

The Year 12 Early Offer Guarantee provides certainty to eligible students based on Year 12 results to provide you with an early offer on the last day of school — so there’s no anxious waiting for Year 12s.

The scheme is open to current Year 12 students in Queensland and northern New South Wales, to be considered for an early offer. ​Applicants must be completing a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE), the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBD) or the NSW Higher School Certificate (HSC) and meet the eligibility conditions stated on the website.​

Please refer to Year 12 Early Offer Guarantee for further details and frequently asked questions.

Get a taste of Griffith with GUESTS

The Griffith University Early Start to Tertiary Studies (GUESTS) program offers senior high school students the opportunity to experience Griffith studies while still at school.

The GUESTS At-School program allows students to experience Griffith Sciences courses during Years 11 and 12. Courses on offer include Griffith Chem, Griffith Phys and Griffith Eng.

The GUESTS On-Campus or Online program allows motivated students to study up to two courses (subjects) at Griffith while still at school. Students are enrolled in classes experience university life first-hand.

Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

For some degrees, we recommend you complete certain Year 12 subjects or equivalent before you commence your program. These requirements are outlined in the admission requirements on our degree finder.

Meeting the English Subject Prerequisite

Any General or Applied English: Most Griffith degrees now require Essential English or equivalent. Essential English is a Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) subject.

These degrees now have the Prerequisites listed as: ‘Any General or Applied English (Units 3 and 4, C)’.

For degrees offered in UAC, these are listed as ‘Any two units of English (Band 3)’.

General English subject prerequisite: Some degrees require a QCAA General English subject to meet the English prerequisite. These include Education, all Laws (Hons) degrees including doubles, nursing, midwifery and some health degrees.

If you are a Queensland Year 12 student, you must be completing one of the following subjects and achieve a minimum grade of C in Units 3 and 4 to meet the General English Subject Prerequisite for Griffith University:

  • English
  • English as an Additional Language
  • Literature
  • English & Literature Extension.​

For degrees offered via UAC, this is listed as ‘Any two units of English (Band 3) excluding English Studies’.

English as Assumed Knowledge: For some degrees, English is listed as Assumed Knowledge, which means it is assumed you have the necessary English, however it is not assessable upon admission.

Degrees that have English as Assumed Knowledge include acting, contemporary Australian Indigenous art, information technology, music, and musical theatre.

If you are completing Year 12 interstate or a non-standard curriculum, the prerequisites and assumed knowledge website provides details on our accepted equivalents to meet these requirements.

School Leaver English enhancement

The Griffith School Leaver English Enhancement course meets the Applied English Subject Prerequisite for admission and is designed to prepare you for success at Griffith University.

To be eligible, you must be studying Year 12 in Queensland in 2021 and achieve a grade of D in Units 3 and 4 of a QCAA General English subject* and meet the admission rank required to be admitted to your Griffith first preference.

After successful completion of this School Leaver English Enhancement course, you will meet the Applied English Subject Prerequisite requirement for a range of Griffith undergraduate degrees.

For further details visit School Leaver English Enhancement.

*QCAA General English subjects include: English, English as an Additional Language, Literature or English and Literature Extension.

Bridging courses

Griffith University offers bridging courses designed to meet prerequisites for Griffith degrees. Applicants must still meet all other requirements for admission to receive an offer. The timing of these courses may not be a suitable option if applying for competitive programs, however results are out in time for degrees included in the February top-up offer rounds.

Griffith Bridging English

For students not eligible for the School Leaver English Enhancement Course, Griffith University also offers a Bridging English course that meets the prerequisite for all Griffith degrees that require an English Subject Prerequisite.

The course is not suitable to study during the school year, however interested students may find the November offering suits them.

For more information visit Griffith Bridging English.

Maths Bridging course

Griffith Sciences offers a Maths Bridging course designed for students who either dropped Mathematical Methods in Year 11 or have some background in the subject. The course provides foundational knowledge in this subject area for students applying for programs such as Engineering. Registrations usually open late September and the course runs in November and December. For full details, visit Griffith Science’s bridging and short courses.

Also offered are short courses in Mathematics and Chemistry, which are designed as refreshers for brushing up your knowledge, however they are not designed to meet prerequisites.

Griffith University accepts many other courses completed at other institutions or at degree level. For further information visit prerequisites and assumed knowledge.

Adjustment factors

Adjustment factors can boost your selection rank and improve your chances of getting into your preferred degree by recognising your academic achievements or personal circumstances. Our adjustment factors include:

  • Gold Coast and Logan Priority Access
  • Nathan, Mt Gravatt and South Bank Community Engagement
  • Educational Access Scheme (EAS)
  • Elite Athlete Adjustment.

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Year 12 Subject Adjustment

Griffith awards subject adjustments for senior subjects and university courses successfully completed in high school that require a high level of skill and knowledge.

As a current Year 12 student, you can be awarded an adjustment of 2.00 ranks per subject, including GUESTS courses (or University courses completed by Year 12s at other institutions), up to a maximum of 6.00 ranks.

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The Griffith Sports College provides elite athletes with the flexibility and support needed to achieve sporting excellence while completing their university studies.

Griffith Sports College

Aptitude for Engineering Assessment

The Aptitude for Engineering Assessment (AEA) provides a pathway for you to gain admission into the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) at either the Gold Coast or Nathan campus if you successfully complete the multiple-choice test.

Griffith University holds test sittings throughout the year, however the one held in September is suitable for Year 12 students.

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Rural priority

Through Griffith University's Rural Priority Access Scheme (GURPAS), Commonwealth Supported Places are set aside for rural students applying for dental health science. For more information visit Rural Priority Access Scheme.

International Baccalaureate Diploma

Are you completing your Diploma of the International Baccalaureate? We have a page that includes specific information for you including links to adjustment factors, the Guaranteed Admission Schemes and whether you are eligible for credit transfer once you commence in your Griffith degree.

IB Safety Net

Griffith strongly encourages all tertiary-bound IB students to focus on completing the diploma to obtain a tertiary selection rank. However, we recognise that some IB students will experience circumstances that prevent them from being awarded the diploma, and the University has put in place a process to assess you for admission.

For further information, visit International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Pathway options

If you do not gain admission to a Griffith University degree, then there are many other pathway options for you, from completing a VET qualification post- school or a diploma at Griffith College.

For comprehensive pathway information, visit admission pathways.

If you do not gain admission into your preferred Griffith degree, then you may be able to upgrade your rank by completing one year full-time equivalent of study in another degree at Griffith. If you preference appropriately in your QTAC or UAC application, you may be able to commence in a related degree that could provide you with credit transfer when you are admitted into your preferred degree, therefore saving you time and money.

For more information, visit upgrading via university studies.

Programs for high achievers

Griffith Honours College

An extracurricular program for high-achieving students, Griffith Honours College offers initiatives such as mentoring, industry training and international experiences with partner universities.

Griffith Honours College


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