Information for International Baccaleaureate (IB) students

We are committed to offering capable students the opportunity to realise their potential through tertiary study.

Guaranteed Admission Scheme

Griffith University has expanded its Guaranteed Admission Scheme to provide more opportunities for students from a range of backgrounds. The new scheme has expanded guaranteed admission for ATAR 90+ or IB Score 33 students to include those who have an ATAR 80+ or IB Score 28 and a completed VET qualification.

You don’t need to apply separately for the guarantee as this is automatically applied to your QTAC preferences if you are eligible. Full details about relevant degrees are available in the degree finder.

International Baccalaureate Safety Net

Griffith University recognises that some IB students will experience circumstances that prevents them from being awarded the Diploma. Griffith strongly encourages all tertiary-bound IB students to focus on completing the Diploma to obtain a tertiary selection rank.

From 2020, Griffith intends to offer a safety net for these students. Students without a Diploma will be able to apply for a place at Griffith via QTAC accompanied by a written statement outlining why they were unable to be awarded the Diploma.

If Griffith accepts that circumstances beyond the student’s control prevented them from achieving the Diploma, QTAC will assess these applicants based on the study that was completed and may invite the student to provide additional supporting material of their capability to succeed in tertiary study.

Adjustment Factors

Students who have completed the IB Diploma can qualify for adjustment factors when applying for some undergraduate degrees at Griffith University. Griffith awards adjustment factors for the completion of some specified subjects, priority access for residents in the Gold Coast and Logan regions and for the Educational Access Scheme if you have experienced circumstances that have negatively affected your studies.

Credit Transfer

Griffith University awards credit into a range of undergraduate degree programs for studies completed in an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. Students can receive credit up to the equivalent of one full-time trimester of University study, depending on the IB courses studied and the Griffith program students are admitted to. More details are available from Griffith University's IB Diploma Credit Precedent page.

Completion of specific IB Diploma subjects awards credit for up to four of the eight first year common courses in the Griffith Health Foundation Year within specified Griffith Health degree programs. More details are available from the Griffith Health IB Diploma Students page.


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