International Baccalaureate studies

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Griffith University awards credit into a range of undergraduate degree programs for studies completed in an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. Students must achieve a passing grade in the IB subject considered equivalent to the University course.

You can receive credit up to the equivalent of one full-time trimester of University study. The amount of credit awarded will be determined based upon the IB subjects studied and the Griffith program you have been admitted to.

This credit will allow you to either accelerate your University degree or reduce your University workload in certain trimesters.

Further information about the pathways into Health programs for IB diploma students is available from the Griffith Health website.

Approved course credit for IB subjects

IB subject (Higher Level) Griffith course credit
Business Management

From 2021: 1006GBS Why Money Matters + 1008GBS Business Decision Making

Prior to 2021:  1101IBA Management Concepts + 1003MKT Introduction to Marketing

Biology 1041SCG Biological Systems
Biology (Griffith Health approved IB )**

1005MSC Genes and Disease + 1014MSC Cells, Tissues and Regulation


1041SCG Biological Systems + 1042SCG Genetics and Evolutionary Biology


1001MSC Chemistry of Biological Systems I


1021SCG Chemistry 1A

Chemistry (Griffith Health approved IB )** 1001MSC Chemistry of Biological Systems I + 1015MSC Chemistry of Biological Systems II
Computer Science

1007ICT Computer Systems and Networks


1807ICT Computer and Network Architecture

Design Technology 1805ICT Human Computer Interaction
Economics (minimum grade 6) 1303AFE Economics for Decision Making 1
Film Level 1 Free-choice elective*
Language A: Literature Level 1 Free-choice elective*
Language B Level 1 Free-choice elective*
Mathematics Level 1 Free-choice elective*
Music Level 1 Free-choice elective*
Psychology 1001PSY Introduction to Psychology 1 + 10 credit point Level 1 Free-choice elective
Psychology (Standard Level) 20 credit point Level 1 Free-choice electives (towards Psychology programs only)
Theatre Level 1 Free-choice elective*
Visual Arts Level 1 Free-choice elective*

[*] Level 1 Free-choice elective's apply to Arts, Business and Science programs only.

[**] A Griffith Health approved IB includes specific options within a subject that have been negotiated between Griffith and a School. Griffith Health students who complete the Griffith Health approved IB curriculum will be eligible to receive credit for up to four Foundation Year courses. Refer to the Griffith Health Foundation Year site for individual program details.