Foundation Year courses

Many Griffith Health programs share a common Foundation Year of study, allowing you to work in multi-disciplinary teams. The Foundation Year provides you with flexibility if you are unsure about which discipline you would like to study. The Griffith Health Foundation Year consists of a suite of first year courses developed around the shared knowledge underpinning these undergraduate programs.

International Baccalaureate Diploma

The International Baccalaureate program is designed to fast-track your studies

What will this mean for you as a student?

Depending on your program, you will complete from one to all eight of the above Foundation Year courses. Through these courses you will develop a sound knowledge of chemistry, cell biology, anatomy, physiology, elements of data analysis, and the major issues facing the next generation of health professionals.

Lectures and labs

What this will mean for your learning is that in your Foundation Year courses you will be attending lectures not just with your program peers but with students from across a range of health-related programs. This gives you the opportunity to get to know students who will be moving into professions other than your own. Being part of the common, integrated science lab program (where you are able to attend one lab session per week at the same time with the same teaching staff and students for the whole of trimester one) will give you further opportunity to develop close working relationships with peers from a range of disciplinary areas.

Peer interaction and support can contribute a great deal not only to your learning but to your overall experience of university life and who knows - the people you meet in your first trimester may very well end up colleagues in an inter-disciplinary health team in your future career.

Learning support

To support your learning the Foundation Year features the following:

  • an interactive web site, containing a range of course material (including lecture slides and lab notes), information on assessment, resources and contacts, discussion boards and tips for success;
  • custom lecture notes and laboratory notes;
  • lecture recordings in most courses;
  • textbooks that will be used in several courses throughout the year:
  • a series of Foundation Year Essentials Workshops in the first half of trimester one, designed to address assumed knowledge and help you develop skills necessary for academic and career success
  • small class tutorials, in some courses, for open discussion on course content
  • Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) in some courses, and
  • a dedicated team of academic and support staff committed to your learning.

Foundation Year programs

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