The International Baccalaureate program is designed to fast-track your studies

Griffith Health recognises the rigorous curriculum of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program and offers IB Diploma students in year 11 and year 12 the opportunity to fast-track their University studies. Students must be in a Griffith University approved IB Diploma program to be eligible for this opportunity.

A Griffith University-approved IB Diploma* contains specific subject options within chemistry higher level and biology higher level as negotiated between the University and the School.

Griffith Health

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Griffith Health offers credit for Foundation Year courses for students who have undertaken specific studies as part of their IB Diploma. If a student undertakes the IB Diploma with approved* subject options they will be eligible to receive credit for up to four of the eight Foundation Year courses, as per the table below:

International Baccalaureate SubjectGriffith Health Foundation Year Course Credit
Chemistry Higher level1001MSC Chemistry of Biological Systems I (trimester 1)
Biology higher level with approved* subject options1005MSC Genes and Disease (trimester 2)
Biology higher level with approved* subject options1014MSC Cells, Tissues and Regulation (trimester 1)
Chemistry higher level with approved* subject options1015MSC Chemistry of Biological Systems II (trimester 2)


The above credit arrangements apply to the Griffith Health Foundation Year degree programs. A number of Griffith Health degree programs use the Griffith Health Foundation Year as the first year of the program. The Foundation Year consists of eight common first year courses that provide the core knowledge required to progress to second year of these programs.

Note: Not all Griffith Health Foundation Year programs use all eight foundation year courses – refer to the Griffith Health Foundation Year site for specific details for each program. Students who are awarded credit for Foundation Year courses should confirm their program enrolment requirements with the host School prior to enrolling in courses.

Who is eligible for credit?

You are eligible to apply for credit for courses in the Griffith Health degree programs that use the Griffith Health Foundation Year if:

  • You have undertaken an approved* IB Diploma; and
  • Have achieved a minimum passing grade in a subject for which you are applying for credit.

How do I apply for credit?

Credit can be applied for upon acceptance of University offer.

Does credit give me guaranteed admission into a Griffith Health degree program?

Provision of credit for IB Diploma students does not provide guaranteed admission into a Griffith Health degree program.

Entry into a Griffith Health degree program is subject to meeting the admission requirements of each program.

Additional information

For further information on Griffith University credit available for IB students,refer to the ‘Course credit for IB subjects’ website

* An approved IB includes specific options within a subject that have been negotiated between Griffith Health and a School.

Will credit affect my Centrelink payments?

Many people rely on Centrelink payments to support themselves financially while studying. Depending on your individual situation you may be eligible for Centrelink payments as a University student. One of the requirements to receive Centrelink payments is that you must be a full-time student. Centrelink regards you as a full-time student if you are undertaking 75% or more of a full-time study load. This equates to a 30 credit point (3 courses) load per trimester.

A normal university trimester is 40 credit points (4 courses). Receiving credit for more than 10 credit points (1 course) per trimester will impact your eligibility for Centrelink payments in that trimester. The option to undertake higher year courses in your university program structure to bring your status to that of a full-time student is subject to pre-requisites on higher year courses.

Students eligible to receive Centrelink payments should consider the effect of credit on Centrelink payments prior to submitting an application for credit.

For further information and questions on credit and Centrelink payments please contact:

Schools offering a Griffith University approved IB Diploma

Students who are undertaking an IB Diploma at one of the following schools will be eligible to make an application for credit. A Griffith University approved IB Diploma contains select subject options within chemistry higher level and biology higher level. For further information on how your school could offer the Griffith University-approved IBDiploma to your students, please contact Niru Nirthanan and Victoria Wheeler.

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