Due to the ongoing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated closure of Australian borders, Griffith University has suspended all outbound, in-country programs until further notice. In the interim, we encourage you to explore our range of online experiences, which are eligible for funding to support your program fee. We also invite you to review our overseas mobility experiences and continue planning, so you are prepared for when outbound travel becomes available.

All programs will be reviewed prior to delivery in relation to travel advisories and student health and safety, and may not proceed if the University is not confident of both or cannot provide comprehensive insurance coverage. We recommend that students do not book travel until the program is confirmed and we will endeavour to do this as far as possible in advance.

Take your degree global

Challenge yourself, impress potential employers, expand your cultural horizons, discover amazing places and form lifelong memories. Participating in an overseas program as a part of your Griffith University degree is one of the best experiences you can have at university.

Go Global Information Session

This information session covers:

  • Different kinds of overseas programs
  • Funding options
  • Benefits of participating in an overseas program
  • How to apply for Exchange or register your overseas program with Global Mobility
  • Credit approval

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Global Leadership Forum

Disruptor or innovator, campaigner or catalyst, revolution or evolution - how will you change the world? The Global Leadership Forum Asia-Pacific will bring together up to 500 students online for three hours to engage with a global network of visionary leaders representing massive international brands as well as unsung heroes who make change happen in their local communities. The Global Leadership Forum gives you a chance to stand up and take ownership of the leadership that will define you, your generation and the impact you will have on the world — and to demonstrate this by earning the embedded Global Leadership micro-credential.

HEX Discovery Sprint

The Discovery Sprint, hosted by Hacker Exchange is an exciting five-day experience that trains you to lead and stand out in the virtual talent market. From 27 September - 01 October, you’ll be rocketed from curious recruit to innovation trail-blazer, working with student leaders, innovators, and founders across multiple continents. International Experience Grants are available assist with the program fee! Apply by 31 August and after receiving HEX acceptance, submit a Virtual Mobility Program Registration with Griffith Global Mobility.

Griffith Asia Business Internships

Aiming to expose students to the diversity and dynamism of Asia by developing cultural, political and economic understanding, Griffith Asia Institute's 20cp GABI program offers both in-country and online experiences, giving you the flexibility to choose a program that suits your life. T3 2021 destinations include China, Fiji, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, and Malaysia. GAI has a limited number of New Colombo Plan mobility grants available to assist with costs involved for both the in-country and online programs. Students ineligible for NCP funding can receive $1500 from Griffith Global Mobility.


Griffith is currently taking Expressions of Interest from Australian undergraduates for the New Colombo Plan Scholarship 2022. Each university can nominate ten students to apply for the scholarship, which supports undergraduates to undertake study, language training, and either an internship or mentorship in the Indo-Pacific region over the course of 19 months.

Expressions of Interest for the NCP Scholarship must be submitted by 4pm on Monday, 24 May 2021. Download the pdf to learn more about the Scholarship.

Why study overseas

Experience a new culture

Develop your career

Grow more confident and independent

Create an international network of friends

Learn a new language

Make professional connections

Expand your resume

Gain a global perspective in your field

Guaranteed Exchange

Griffith has Guaranteed Exchange agreements with 9 partner universities for 2019. Exchange at a Guaranteed Exchange Partner in:

  • Hong Kong
  • Canada
  • Norway
  • Switzerland
  • UK
  • USA

NOTE: at this stage, there are no guaranteed exchange partners for 2021-2022.

Guaranteed Exchange Guide

Study in Australia

Complete one or two trimesters of study in Australia