What is the exchange program?

Through the Griffith Exchange Program, you can spend one or two trimesters overseas at one of our partner universities. The program allows you to gain a unique international experience without delaying your degree as the courses you take are credited towards your Griffith studies.

The key characteristic of the program is that we send you to a partner university and they in turn send a student to Griffith University. By doing so, you continue to pay your tuition fees to Griffith and do not pay tuition fees to the partner university. For this reason, you can only attend one of our partner universities as we have a specific agreements in place.

Next Intake

Trimester 2 2021

(applications close 1 February 2021)

Listen to an information session (T1 2020)

How to apply

Step 1 - Check your eligibility

Step 2 - Find a partner university

Step 3 - Get a study plan approved

Step 4 - Prepare application documents

Step 5 - Apply!

Connect with Ambassadors

Now that you've applied, what's next?

It's time to collect tips and advice from other students! Our Ambassadors did their exchange program in different parts so the world, so you can hear first-hand what their experience was like.

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What Students Say

Tia_Leeds Beckett UK

Leeds Beckett University, UK

England had always been on my top places to visit. I wanted to be close to Europe but also in an English speaking country. Griffith has two partner universities in Leeds, offering something for my friend and I to go on exchange!


SKEMA, France

It was the greatest trip of my life and you'll be absolutely kicking yourself if you don't consider taking up this amazing opportunity.


City University of Hong Kong

Make the most of your university life by going on exchange. Not only for the travelling and meeting new people, but it will amaze you how much you get to learn about yourself. Why would you miss such a great opportunity.


University of Iceland

The most exciting part of my exchange was making new friends and connections from around the globe...One piece of advice is to take initiative with applications, in other words, be on top of your documents,visas, and most important due dates for submissions.


Mount Royal University, Canada

The most exciting part of the exchange was definitely the concept of finally living out of home, especially in a country I had never been to, in a city with lots of snow. I had made so many friends the first week there which made the whole settling in process a lot easier...


University of the Andes, Chile

I loved all of the on campus activities my university ran including parties, life concerts, festivals and games. I also really enjoyed embracing the culture and meeting so many new people!