Explore your grant opportunities

There are a variety of funding options available to support your overseas program. Griffith University aims to provide a grant to each student on an approved overseas program, however the amount and eligibility criteria will vary depending on the funding scheme (see below).

There is a maximum of one grant per student per overseas experience. Most students will be funded by an IEIS Grant.

International Experience Incentive Scheme Grant

Griffith University's Vice Chancellor dedicates funding each year in International Experience Incentive Scheme grants to assist students with the cost of their overseas program. IEIS grants are available to domestic and international students participating in an overseas program supported by Griffith Global Mobility (please see table below for details).

  • Students can receive a maximum of one grant per program.
  • Students who participate in a second non-contiguous program may be considered for an additional IEIS grant, subject to funding availability.
  • Students cannot receive an IEIS grant if they are receiving another type of grant (e.g. New Colombo Plan).
  • Students must participate in a program that requires them to travel overseas to receive an IEIS grant. E.g. students who participate in virtual programs will not be eligible to receive an IEIS grant.
  • All IEIS grant approvals are subject to funding availability. In the event there is insufficient funding available to fund all applicants, reduced funding will be offered or applicants may be unsuccessful.

Apply for an IEIS grant

(note: students applying for Trimester Exchange studies are automatically assessed for an IEIS grant as part of their exchange application)

Please note: a Finance Closure takes place in December-January every year. Because of this, you are encouraged to submit a completed Short-Term Program Application to Global Mobility by end of November at latest. If you submit your application after this point, you may not receive payment of your IEIS grant until mid-January onward.

Overseas ProgramAmount Additional Information
Short Term Programs
  • $250 (for 0CP)
  • $500 (for 10CP)
  • $800 (for 20CP and/or service learning or WIL programs, including clinical placements, 10 weeks or longer)
  • $2,500 (for 30CP to 40CP service learning or WIL programs, including clinical placements, excluding medical electives/selectives)

Amounts are determined based on credit point value and length of program.

IEIS grants are not based on GPA for these programs, although a minimum GPA of 4.5 is typically required to be supported by Griffith Global Mobility.

Trimester or year exchange
  • $2,500 (Program GPA 5.5 or above)
  • $800 (Program GPA below 5.5 and above 4.5)

Your Program GPA is assessed including your most recent Trimester results prior to departure for exchange.

Students who receive an NCP, Endeavour or other grant for the exchange program will not receive an IEIS grant.

Industry Affiliates Program (IAP) Engineering
  • $2,500 (for IAP at an exchange partner university)
  • $800 (for IAP at a non-exchange partner university)
IEIS amounts are not based on GPA for IAP, although a minimum GPA of 4.5 is typically required to be supported by Griffith Global Mobility.
Higher Degree Research

An approved HDR international experience:

  • $800 (1 to 8 weeks)
  • $1,500 (9 to 15 weeks)
  • $2,500 (16+ weeks)

All candidates will need to have their Program Convenor/Principal Supervisor provide a letter to confirm that they have support from their host school at Griffith to attend/complete their research overseas.

HDR candidates wanting to attend a conference or workshop that is related to their research field must refer to the GGRS-IEIS Conference Travel Grants application process instead.

New Colombo Plan Grant

This is a high profile initiative of the Australian Government to support undergraduate Australian citizens to undertake studies in the Indo-Pacific region. In 2022, the following grants are available for Trimester Exchange:

  • $8,000 for Trimester 1 2022 Exchange plus internship in Japan (x3)*
  • $7,000 for Trimester 1 2022 Exchange in Thailand (x3)
  • $7,000 for Trimester 1 2022 Exchange in South Korea (x1)

*Grants for Japan are conditional upon you undertaking a 3-4 week internship in addition to the exchange studies. The cost of the internship and associated expenses (such as accommodation) must be paid to the internship provider.

All students who apply for Trimester 1 2022 Exchange in one of the above countries in will automatically be considered for the grant, if eligible. If you are interested in a New Colombo Plan grant, please book a consultation so we can go through the details of the program with you.

Griffith also has a limited number of New Colombo Plan grants to cover the cost of a CISaustralia 12-week online internship in Hong Kong, China or Japan. For more information, click here.

To be eligible for a New Colombo Plan Grant you must:

  • be an Australian citizen. Students cannot receive a Student Grant to undertake a Mobility Project in a Host Location in which they have dual citizenship or residency rights;
  • be enrolled in an on-shore campus of an Australian University throughout the duration of the Mobility Project;
  • be undertaking a Bachelor Degree (Level 7) or Bachelor Honours Degree (Level 8) at the commencement of their Mobility Project;
  • be between 18 and 28 years of age at the commencement of their Mobility Project;
  • not have already commenced a period of overseas study in the same Host Location as the Mobility Project; and
  • not receive more than one online, one short-term, and one Semester grant (with or without an internship) during their Australian course of study.

Additional New Colombo Plan Grants are available for a range of short-term programs. To find them, please check the short-term program database and search 'New Colombo Plan'.

Please note: a Finance Closure takes place in December-January every year. Because of this, NCP Grant payments are not made from mid-December, with payments restarting mid-January onward. If you are receiving an NCP Short-Term Grant, we ask that you submit your Short-Term Program Application by the end of November at latest.

CCJ Study Abroad Scholarship

The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice (CCJ) Study Abroad Scholarship provides financial support of up to $5,000 for eligible undergraduate students to study a trimester or year of criminology-related subjects on exchange. The scholarship amount is awarded based on your GPA. Students who are accepted into the exchange program by Griffith Global Mobility will be invited by the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice to apply for this scholarship. To be eligible, you must:

  • be undertaking at least one criminology-related course overseas
  • be an undergraduate student

To apply for the scholarship:

Deadline to submit scholarship application to CCJ:

  • Trimester 2 Exchange: 15 March
  • Trimester 1 Exchange: 15 August

Please direct all enquiries to ask-ccj@griffith.edu.au