Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases around the world, Griffith University has suspended all outgoing student international mobility for the near future. Our insurance provider considers COVID-19 a known event and is no longer covering claims relating to the virus for anywhere in the world. This means that students diagnosed with the virus while traveling anywhere in the world will not be covered under the University travel insurance policy for medical treatment or other related benefits (including repatriation) for travel booked after Monday 2 March 2020, and there will be no insurance cover for cancellations or travel changes as a result of COVID-19. Access to International SOS services is also not available as a result of insurance cover not being available.

We understand that this will affect students, however, the health and safety of our students is critical in the rapidly evolving situation related to COVID-19. In saying this, we welcome you to review the amazing range of overseas mobility experiences which are available and continuing planning so you are prepared for when an update to the University travel insurance policy is made, and we can  process applications, pay grants and issue travel insurance and 24/7 emergency assistance documentation again.

All programs will be reviewed prior to delivery in relation to travel advisories and student health and safety, and may not proceed if the University is not confident of both or cannot provide comprehensive insurance coverage. We recommend that students do not book travel until the program is confirmed and we will endeavour to do this as far as possible in advance.

What is a short-term program?

Short-term programs are any and all experiences other than trimester exchange studies. Some programs can be up to a trimester in duration, however most programs are between two and four weeks, hence why we call them 'short-term'.

Key advantages of doing a short-term program is the flexibility and diversity of choice. Most students can easily fit a program in between Griffith trimesters and can choose an experience that is completely unlike anything offered on-campus or in Australia.

Types of Programs

Griffith Study Tour

Summer or Winter School

Global Internship

Volunteering and Service Learning

Practicum or Placement



and more!

How to apply

We aim to support all overseas experiences, whether it be for credit or not for credit, and provided there are no risks to your health and safety. To access the support, please complete the following steps.

1. Find a program

In many cases, students will find a specific program through word-of-mouth or through promotion by Griffith University, such as emails or in lectures.

If you don't have a program in mind already, then we encourage you to browse our database for inspiration. You are not limited to programs on this database, but it's a good starting point.

2. Apply for program

Each overseas program has different eligibility and application requirements. Please check with the host university or organisation to review details of their application process, including the application deadline.

Once you have applied and been accepted into the overseas program, please see Step 3 on how to advise Griffith Global Mobility.

Credit approval

If you are seeking credit approval for the overseas program, please check the evidence of credit section below for details on what type of documentation is required.

3. Advise Global Mobility

Global Mobility proudly supports students who participate in a variety of overseas programs through the provision of:

  • a travel grant
  • coverage under Griffith's Corporate Travel Insurance
  • access to International SOS (24/7 emergency support)

Please complete the Short-term Program Application to be assessed for this support. Failure to complete this step prior to departure may result in non-payment of grant and exclusion from access to Griffith's corporate travel insurance and International SOS.

PLEASE NOTE: Short-term program applications are currently on hold due to the suspension of all outgoing student international mobility for the near future.

We encourage all students to continue to submit their short-term program application so you are prepared for when an update to the suspension is made, and we can process applications, pay any eligible grants and issue travel insurance and 24/7 emergency assistance documentation as a matter of priority.

4. Pre-departure

Once your Short-term Program Application has been assessed and approved, you will be provided with details of Griffith Corporate Travel Insurance Policy and International SOS membership.

You can also browse our Before you go webpage for more pre-departure tips and advice.


Evidence of credit approval

Griffith Study Tour

Community Internship

Summer or Winter School

Clinical or Field Placement

Work-integrated Learning (WIL) or Internship


Got a question?

Seek advice from a Global Mobility Advisor.

New York City Industry Immersion - CISaustralia

We got to visit and work with businesses that are so big, well-known and largely impacting the world around us, providing us with so much of the content and products we are exposed to daily.


Global Mobility Business Internship in Japan

The people I lived with and worked with were so diverse and a pleasure to be around. I loved being part of Tokyo, and I'm excited to explore this further.


Korea University International Winter Campus

At Korea University we studied an elective that wasn't not directly related to my major and it gave me a different perspective rather that of business and were taught by a fantastic lecturer.