What is OS-HELP?

OS-HELP is a loan provided by the Australian Government and is designed to assist eligible Australian students to undertake an overseas experience as a part of their degree studies. The loan can be used for a range of expenses such as airfares, accommodation, and other travel or study expenses.

The 2021 OS-HELP loan amount is:

  • $7,037 (for studies outside Asia)
  • $8,444 (for studies inside Asia)

A supplementary loan amount of $1,123 is available to assist with the cost of language study undertaken in preparation for overseas study in Asia

There is no loan fee applied to OS-HELP loans and the amount you borrow will be added to your existing HELP debt. Students who don't have a current HELP debt can still apply for OS-HELP as long as they are studying within a Commonwealth supported place at University. Eligible students may receive up to two OS-HELP loans in their lifetime, however the second loan can only be paid 6 months and one day after the commencement of the first program.

Please note: a Finance Closure takes place in December-January every year. Because of this, the last time frame to apply for OS-HELP for the calendar year is approximately mid-November. If your application is submitted by this time frame, OS-HELP payment should be received by mid-December before the closure. If you submit your application after mid-November, it is likely you will receive payment of your OS-HELP in the second week of January onward.

Policy information

Before applying for a loan, please ensure you are familiar with the OS-HELP loan requirements.

Got a question?

If you have questions regarding OS-HELP or require assistance in completing the online form, please contact the Financial Aid and Sponsorship Officer on 555 27190 or to submit an online enquiry:

  1. Visit Ask Us for current students (log in may be required)
  2. Select the topic (International, Scholarships and financial aid)