Making connections through PASS

Whether you could use some improvement, or you’re a top performer already PASS is for you! By participating in scheduled online study sessions you can maximise your grades, strengthen your study skills and stay connected

Study sessions


Course codeCourseNathan Gold Coast
1014NSC Fundamentals of Biochemistry *  
1022SCG Chemistry 1B *  
1024SCG Chemistry II *
1042SCG Genetics and Evolutionary Biology * *
1044SCG Earth Systems * *
1020ENGEngineering Mathematics 2**
1202SCG Calculus I * *
1014SCG Statistics * *
1305ENGEngineering Programming * *
1701ICT Creative Coding* *
1010ENG Engineering Mathematics 1 * *
1201SCG Linear Algebra * *
1031SCG Physics 1A * *
1018ENGEngineering Science**

Sessions start in Week 2 and will be online.

How do I access sessions?

There are 2 ways:

  1. Click on Collaborate Ultra on the left-hand menu on the course page and then Blackboard Collaborate Ultra to join a session.
  2. Go via the PASS link on the left-hand menu to see the PASS session times and then click on PASS Online Sessions to join the session. You are welcome to come to more than one session

How can I contact PASS Leaders?

A Sciences PASS Team has been set up for you to connect with PASS Leaders, ask PASS-related questions and receive PASS updates. If the Leader can’t answer your question they will forward it to someone who can.

Steps to joining the Sciences PASS Team:

  • Download Microsoft Teams via the App Store, Google Play or (or open it if you already have it!)
  • Click on Teams in the panel down the left-hand side
  • Click on Join or create Team (top right)
  • Enter the code 1264cb5 under Join a team with a code
  • Having trouble? Visit

How do I get involved?

For some courses you will have selected a session as part of the enrolment process. For other courses you can see the session times on the course page under PASS in the left-hand menu.

No need to sign up in advance,  just come along and enjoy the benefits of PASS .

What students like about PASS

  • Helped me to absorb the content better and I liked interacting with other people in my course. The PASS leaders were also very friendly and made me feel comfortable to ask questions that I would usually be too nervous to ask.
  • Online was great because it gave me more confidence to answer questions without being judged for getting answers wrong.
  • I like that they provide a way to solidify and practice the content that was taught in the lectures and fill in any gaps (e.g. knew the formula but didn't know how to apply it).
  • Relaxed learning environment.
  • Quiz and Exam Busters – great for revision and confidence!


There’s a lot to be gained from becoming a PASS Leader including personal satisfaction, improved organisation and time management, enhanced knowledge of content and the chance to be part of a supportive team environment.

The role also equips you with skills highly sought after by employers including leadership, teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills, developing capabilities from feedback, problem solving and creative thinking.

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