Making connections through PASS

Whether you could use some improvement, or you’re a top performer already PASS is for you! By attending scheduled study sessions you can maximise your grades, strengthen your study skills and connect with like-minded students.

Study sessions


Course codeCourseNathan Gold Coast
1018ENG Engineering Science * *
1010ENG Engineering Mathematics 1 * *
1507NSC Aviation Science *  
1031SCG Physics 1A * *
1201SCG Linear Algebra * *
1001NSC Human Biology *  
1041SCG Biological Systems * *
1021SCG Chemistry 1A *  
1023SCG Chemistry I   *
1007ICT Computer Systems and Networks * *
2007NSC Human Anatomy *  
2205NSC Calculus II * *
2807ICT Programming Principles * *

Sessions start in week 2.

How do I get involved?

For some courses you will have selected a session as part of the enrolment process. For other courses you can see the session times on the course page under PASS in the left-hand menu.

No need to sign up in advance,  just come along and enjoy the benefits of PASS .

Quiz and exam buster sessions

Make the most of extra exam practice with Quiz Buster sessions during the trimester. Sessions will be promoted by email.

Guarantee a place at the end of trimester Exam Buster by attending five or more sessions. The two hour intensive session provides tips, strategies, practice and encouragement for the final exam.


There’s a lot to be gained from becoming a PASS Leader including personal satisfaction, improved organisation and time management, enhanced knowledge of content and the chance to be part of a supportive team environment.

The role also equips you with skills highly sought after by employers including leadership, teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills, developing capabilities from feedback, problem solving and creative thinking.

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