Making connections through PASS

PASS is a free program that offers structured and enjoyable group learning sessions for courses that students often find to be very demanding. The weekly one-hour study sessions begin in Week 2 and run all trimester. The sessions are facilitated by students who have previously achieved excellent results in the Course, and who have received national accreditation for their role as a PASS Leader.

Study sessions


Course codeCourse Gold CoastNathan Mt GravattLogan South BankOnline
1029LAW Contracts 1     
2019LAW Crime 1     
2021LAW Torts 1     
1008CCJ Understanding Social Problems    
1011CCJ Criminology Skills    
1013CCJ Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice    
2007CCJ Sociology of Crime    
2009CCJ Statistics for Social Research    
1101QCM Exploring Music      
1511QCM Music Theory 1      
1216QCA Introduction to Western Art      
1532QCA Creative Research Methodology     
1007LHS Understanding the Social World     
1032LHS Japanese 1A     
2513LHS Media Law    
1111GFS Introduction to Game Development    


To sign up to PASS, register your details with the PASS Leader who will be speaking to you during your week 1 or week 2 lectures.

If you do not sign up at the lecture, then attend any session you like and the Leader will sign you up at the door.

Contact us

Coordinator: Juanita Shaw